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Why cars aren`t Guilty?

Is the future as dark as Greta Thunberg paints it? Or is it currently easy to save the planet without using soy & EVs?

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When people tell me that the planet is dying because we are not driving expensive Nissan Leaf that use electricity derived from coal, eat expensive vegan food thinking that we eat food free of animal suffering and acting with a progressive attitude saying "Ok boomer" to those who dare to disagree with us that the planet is on its death throes... I`m sure that there are people that exaggerate the extent of how much the current climate change affects the planet.

Climate change has always existed even if it doesn`t seem like it but even if you don`t think so... It is still possible to save it without having to drive EVs or eat grass like the cow you`re eating now at the Mcdonalds restaurant used to do.

Cars aren`t certainly the main problem.



When people show me cars making big pùffs of pollution at the entrances of the cities and the message "buy an electric car" is written in large green letters with the Greenpeace logo appearing below ... I have to say that the problem is not that the ICE car exists, Many veteran drivers, middle drivers, and novice drivers will surely agree with me that there is a lot of traffic in the cities and many bottlenecks at the entrance of them, in the morning the traffic increases a lot because there are people who want go to work, there are people taking children to school, people making deliveries... there`s just so many vehicles wanting to go everywhere all around the city every single day 24/7 all of the 365 days of the year.

"the problem is not that the ice car exists"

An electric car is not supposed to pollute anything while is it idling on a stoplight, it doesn`t emit any C02 (Although the really dangerous emissions are the Nox and Mox) but... realistically there are not many people who can afford a mid-range electric car in Spain over the 48.200€ with only an autonomy of 350km in a single charge like the Tesla Model 3, and although there are options of 11,000€ in the used car market it isn`t necessary to spend so much money on a car that puts our mind at ease that we are polluting the atmosphere despite being aware that our "exhaust pipe" is located right at the power generation plants outside the city vomiting C02 to the atmosphere.

The problem of pollution is not the cars idling at stoplights, we must bear in mind that simply... there are too many cars driving around the city, they are often occupied by a single person who is distracted on the phone checking their IG selfies or on the verge of getting me into a car accident because they`re busy quelling down the fight of their snot-nosed brats on the backseats, City centers are where there are more cars in which many of these drivers gather. Instead of banning ICE altogether why we don`t make city centers restricted to high occupational vehicles like buses, minibusses or vehicles with more than a single passenger?

To put it simply... paying up to 160€ every month to fill up your car is much more expensive than paying a monthly unlimited travel card for subway/bus which can be as cheap as 30€ per month on cities like Valencia with the plus that you can quell down your kids, check your Selfies without being a danger to actually responsible & attentive drivers not to mention that if everyone used public transport, including walking a little or cycling to work there wouldn`t be so much traffic jams and henceforth pollution would be decreased drastically including a general increase on public health in general

And no... Diesel cars aren`t also the problem as well.



When people show me a diesel car puffing a bit of black smoke when starting up from a stoplight they start telling me that it is vomiting C02 to the atmosphere. I can`t help but laugh knowing that it doesn`t expel C02 exclusively since a diesel car`s emissions are composed by C02, Nox, Mox... these last two in less quantity than C02 including carbon which is also a plant`s food, a Diesel engine is also much more efficient than it`s petrol counterpart in the aspect of consumption being cheaper to maintain than a Petrol vehicle

"the freighter that has taken your Nissan Leaf from Japan to your country has traveled more than half the world easily emiting the C02 59 million diesel cars would emit"

You have to keep in mind that for imported goods to arrive from side to side of the world they have to cross huge distances either by air or sea and for this last one this requires gigantic cargo freighters of the size of small towns carrying thousands of containers, Just so you can get a basic Idea... the fuel a Container Vessel uses is called "Bunker fuel" and on it`s composition there`s a 3% of Sulfur, not to mention that the freighter that has taken your Nissan Leaf from Japan to your country has traveled more than half the world easily emitting the C02 59 million diesel cars would emit. there` also more industries to blame for the C02 emissions into the naughty list.

Forest fires which are provoked by arsonists paid by greedy builders which want to make homes nobody will buy can easily emit millions of C02, the Volcanoes you like to admire on nature programs emit easily 8 times the emissions of a forest fire with more deadly components in the mix, and as for human emissions the manufacturing of many products including the meat industry (I am NOT inviting you into veganism but rather balance your diet a little) as a curiosity... countries like New Zealand cannot comply with emissions laws because their cows don`t have a particle filter shoved up their south end preventing more Methane emissions to the atmosphere making the icebergs on the south & north pole to melt a few millimeters every year at every fart...

To cut it short... You aren`t responsible for climate change if your environmentalist neighbor has chosen to buy an electric car imported from another country instead of using public transport generating tons of C02 which will take many years to be eliminated naturally in the atmosphere..

the biggest problem? the hypocrisy of some environmentalists.

-PC:Flickr. (should we execute Order 66 into humankind?)

-PC:Flickr. (should we execute Order 66 into humankind?)

When I see environmentalists protesting against climate change causing traffic jams which are generating pollution, asking for more biking lanes and retransmitting the demonstration with expensive cellphones and cameras imported from other countries alongside promoting the use of "0 emissions" electric vehicles transported with extremely polluting vehicles... My mind is at ease knowing that I`m doing far more than those protesting against climate change generating pollution.

One of the keys to the solution towards reducing climate change that many environmentalists ignore like Greta Thunberg is that simple individual solutions applied in mass can do much more than straight-up banning ICE for the average Citizen who can`t afford an EV with a basic city range which is also not practical as a multiuse car for mid-long range.

If every time we went shopping and brought the plastic bags that we used on previous shopping trips there wouldn`t be any need to manufacture more plastic bags and delivering them while emitting C02 and also help saving money for big and small commerces alike. If we also use public transport we are also NOT a part of the traffic jams that generate pollution every morning in the cities, the fewer cars>The fewer traffic jams>The less pollution emitted.

And most important... Instead of buying expensive Imported stuff like iPhone XI or Nissan Leaf from Japan... if you took public transport, used your bicycle or walked to work a huge freighter emitting tons of C02 wouldn`t have the need to travel across the sea for you to have it, you would also help A LOT the local economy and the small businesses without mentioning that using a Balanced diet without abusing meat can help our health and, above all, reduce the CO2 that the meat industry emits since the demand of meat has dwindled certainly, why you don`t try your local bar and ask for a warm tortilla and cheese sandwich? it can be as tasty with a bit of BBQ sauce.

So ... if you want to save a planet with a diameter of more than 12,742 km without expending a lot of money on Soy & an EV ... start by saving it with small actions every day.

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    • Interesting read Alvaro! If an environmentalist has a problem with ICE cars then they should get the bus or ride a bicycle.

        8 months ago
  • Interesting, and so wrong on so many points, I lost what the point was.

    I would like to see some numbers to back up the words. The one about the ship confused me. If it used so much fuel, would it not be cheaper to drive the cars most of the way.

      8 months ago
    • Thanks for your kind comment! This post instead of following old fashioned sources from the environmentalist and oil lobbies come from my own pèrsonal experiences in the subject including some of my own calculus which isn`t influenced by...

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        8 months ago