Why classic cars are relevant to our society.

And why we could be one of the last generations being able to look at them.

People who don't understand why you possibly want to own an old car, they say that classic cars are a thing of the past, they don't want to bother with mechanics and cannot understand why anybody would fancy an Aston Martin DB5 more than a DB9.

But the truth is that old cars resemble the progress of the human race, you can see what inventions we made in the last hundred years.

Let's take the seatbelt, for example, many people in the 70s and 80s thought that it was the dumbest idea ever, they said it would kill the fun of driving even tough it actually prevents the fun of driving killing you.
So what do we have today seatbelts are the most normal thing in a car? From our perspective, it belongs to a car like its engine, and there's more we have Airbags, specially designed crumple zones and so on.
Citroen tried to go another way with their air bumpers and the future has to show if this new safety invention will be a new standard in 10 years.

So cars symbolise human progress in their inventions and in their way of thinking.
That is why classic cars belong in our world, and there's the problem.
While cars in the older days where simply a steering wheel an engine and some metal welded around it, modern day cars have computers, cables, and sensors build in.

And if you look at your Computer being replaced all five years because it is either broken or too slow for the new standards. You can see where this is going with cars.

Even if you don't care that your car computer is much slower than the new ones you cannot prevent them from simply stop working after 70 years.
They will eventually break down after using them for years.

Another very important point is that if you think far enough you just won't be allowed to drive your classic car on the road when you look at today's progress in self-driving cars, soon the human behind the steering wheel will be replaced by computer programs and as soon as this invention will catch on, and all cars are controlled by a connected system, you simply won't be allowed to drive on the streets because your actions would slow down the system.
So in a hundred years from now, you probably won't see classic cars on the streets.

That’s why I want this tribe to be a place for all enthusiasts of classic cars and more importantly for all classic and vintage cars.

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