Why cruising in your vehicle is therapy for drivers.

2y ago

Cruising around in your vehicle is a great way to explore your neighbourhood, town, or city. Although not exactly great for the environment in all honesty, it does give the driver a chance to know where all the landmarks and points of interest are in the region they're driving in. This video was recorded back in October 2014, when I bought a GoPro, with its intended use as a dashboard camera. Over the years, it has captured interesting footage, and encounters. This video demonstrated many things, with obviously as use of a dash cam, as well as cruising and exploring my hometown, the City of Winnipeg, the capital of the province of Manitoba, in Canada, from my perspective as a driver. I hope you enjoy this video. If not, well, I won't be mad. Just disappointed.

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  • The video is not playing in the states for some reason.

      2 years ago
    • Apologies. It must be the songs that I chose in the video that may have geo-blocked the video in the States.

        2 years ago