Why did Alonso ask Mclaren to Sabotage Hamilton's Hungarian GP in 2007?

Did the Good win over Bad this time?

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Back in the day when the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso and the British Lewis Hamilton were teammates, or should it be called 'so-called teammates'. Their relations as teammates were at worst. Both of them tried to knock one another down so hard that their ancestors would rattle.

This all went down at the Hungarian Grand Prix 2007 when Hamilton refused the team orders to let Alonso pass in a qualifying session. As a result, Alonso played his tricks when he held up and blocked Hamilton's way and did not let him out for the final lap and took Pole position from him.


This did not end here because this action led Stewards to penalize Fernando Alonso. Cheap actions got what they deserved? You might think that this is another example of what we have been hearing all our childhood 'Good wins over bad' but here is the twist: Let's pause this thing here and go back to the event shown in the video because up till now you might be giving the wrong titles of villain and innocent to the wrong persons.

The trick with a touch of payback:

Back in the day, they ran it through a strange and quite complicated procedure. In this procedure, the drivers ran their cars with a fuel load with which they would start the race and they would do a couple of laps which were known as fuel burn laps before setting their times to get a position in the grid.

Before the race, the drivers were allowed to refuel their cars with the amount of fuel they had burnt in the fuel burn laps.

This system always caused tensions in the team as the advantage always came to that driver who left the pits earlier than his teammate which had to be decided by the Team itself.

And for this procedure as far as Mclaren was concerned they had given their drivers an equal status to their drivers, with both of them having equal fuel loads. Before this race, it was Hamilton's turn and now this time it was Alonso's turn to have the advantage — Hamilton was to leave the pits after Alonso.

But this is not what happened. Hamilton left the pits earlier this time too to get the advantage again.

After many team orders were given (one of them being directly from Dennis himself on radio) Hamilton did not comply to them at all so Alonso took the matter in his own hands as he had realised that he had been tricked and double-crossed by Lewis Hamilton.

Then we all have seen what happened in the video.

Now Returning Back to Where We Had Paused:

The next morning before the race Mclaren's Team Principal Ron Dennis and our 'beloved' Fernando Alonso had a huge confrontation between them.

Alonso was furious, he should have been given an answer to this cheap trick played by his fellow teammate let the Spaniard get a six-grid penalty by stewards and boy he was steaming in anger when he confronted The Boss.

After what had happened in Monaco, their relationship had already broken into pieces and Alonso had already hinted that he was quite sure that he won't have a seat in a Mclaren's car next season.

So Alonso confronted the boss and threatened him that he would reveal the incriminating e-mails regarding Spy Gate Scandal due to the double cross, which Mclaren had recently escaped that their engineer possessed Ferrari's technical document of 800 pages.

In return he wanted them to put less fuel in Hamilton's car to sabotage his race. Upon hearing this Ron called Second in charge Martin Whitmarsh and asked him to listen what Alonso had to say. Alonso put the same demand before him.

After listening to Alonso, Whitmarsh and Dennis decided not to have a blackmailing driver in the team so they decided to call the FIA President Max Mosley and told him about the whole incident with Alonso on which Mosley advised not to take Alonso out of the car untill the end of the season.

The phone call led to the second hearing of Spy Gate case in which Mclaren was found guilty and was fined USD $100 million and thrown out of the constructor's championship. This what Mosley had to say: "I already knew about the emails. Alonso had told Flavio Briatore, his former Renault team boss and his manager. Briatore had told F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone about them, and Ecclestone had told me, who had seen them before Hungary."

After half an hour of this meeting, Alonso apologized Dennis on what he had said and Long after Dennis met Alonso on neutral grounds along with his lawyers and released him of his contract.

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