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Why did Arrow Mclaren SP ditch Hinchcliffe?

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Mclaren Arrow SP's decision to leave IndyCar veteran James Hinchcliffe has received much criticism, as Hinchcliffe, who was bound by a contract, looked set for a seat at the team, until young drivers Oliver Askew and Patricio O'ward took his place, in a sudden move from the outfit, who began eyeing O'ward when he was released from Helmut Marko's grasp.

Despite this criticism, however, Mclaren's Zak Brown stands by his team's choice, and explained their decision to drop the 32-year old, citing the young line-up's 'superstar potential' as a contributor to their being selected.

two drivers we think have superstar potential

Zak Brown

"I'm well aware of the lack of popularity of the decision, by James' fanbase. I totally get it, if I look through, what are some of the comments? We commented he was going to be in the car in 2020, and at the time we made those comments, he was going to be in the car in 2020."

"In business, in racing, as you guys all know, things change, business environments change. Lots of stakeholders involved, and when Pato O'ward came on the market...we decided to consult him with all the stakeholders, take a long-range view, on what we thought was best for the team, and so to get Pato, and Oliver- two drivers we think have superstar potential, we thought that was a tough decision, but the right decision, for the team."

Brown also mentioned the risk associated in choosing these drivers, as Hinchcliffe is still on contract, and therefore must be payed, despite his lack of involvement within the team.

"The two drivers that we went with, we've chosen them because we think they're the bright stars for the future. [There are] Economic implications for us, in that you've got three driver salaries, and [only] two drivers in the cars."

With their more aggressive driver line-up, Mclaren are hoping to impress on the IndyCar grid in 2020, as their first fully-fledged season. In their eyes, the first step towards that goal, was to choose bold drivers, and that they did.

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