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Why did I get another MK2 RS?

A question I get asked a lot. "Why Sam you've had one of those?"

1w ago

Reason 1 : The NOISE

Anyone who has driven, heard, owned will know just how crazy the noise is on this car. Thanks to its five cylinder engine the exhaust note is just epic. Rumbling away on cold start then lower the revs down and then it continues to make a lower rumble. Why is this so good you might ask because as a petrol head it makes you want to drive it to create more of that noise, more pops and bangs and rumble on deceleration. It is just amazing.


When I purchased my first RS Focus all of my friends called it a boat due to its size. Very quickly we realized its like a speed boat. Blistering fast but mahoosive. The big flared out arches that make it take up the whole lane just are brilliant so over the top its perfect. You have a gloss black front grill exposing the inter-cooler and radiator but the grill slopes off towards the corners so when you are looking at the car it makes it look even wider. Huge rear spoiler on the roof at the back with some super aggressive angular fins which link in with the front end being wide and gloss black however from behind you see that gloss spoiler and the deep diagonal fins on the rear diffuser. Looks like a race car diffuser as it runs under the car!


The RS Focus MK2 is becoming such an collectors piece. People are like "woah there is a Focus RS". This is another reason I had to get my hands on another one. Driving it everyday for me is even better I get looks and conversations from children all the way through to the older people. This also builds a larger following of this car which I do believe makes the car more desirable as more people have the conversation about it and learn about it. Everyone I know who owns one is a petrol head as well. I have been across Europe in mine and visited track days and participated, creating some amazing memories in this particular car.


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Comments (5)

  • I’ve always loved these, long before I became a ford fanatic. Something about the way they looked to me as a child, especially in this blue or the bright green.

      7 days ago
    • Yeah likewise. They are just such beasts I think they are very underrated for what they are.

        7 days ago
  • I first fell in love with the Focus RS with your car (especially in green)

    Then I start to like the mk3 more, and now its my dream car

      7 days ago
  • I love this Ford MK2 RS because of the way it looks and how good it is on rallying (PS. that mudflap is good in the banner)

      10 days ago