- Chelsea's car! White and special

Why do all British go to Belarus, to the city of Borisov?

And why tomorrow, November 8, 2018, Belarus will become the second, but small England?

It even happened that my surname is Borisova and I love British people very much!

The English arrive in Belarus. Now English speech will be heard everywhere. And language is not a problem! The British do not need to learn Belarusian, which is similar to Russian, mixed with Ukrainian and Polish, and many others. From kindergarten and before, children in Belarus learn English until they graduate from higher educational institutions. And when hey applying for a job, English is one of the most sought-after items.

In fact, we have not made wages higher than in London. In fact, one of the most expensive teams in the world, Chelsea, came to us today!

They were met by loving fans right at the airport with a banner and photographed by journalists. After arrival, the team immediately went to the gym and met with selected fans who deserved their pass to train their favorite team. Settled in the hotel Mariott. Match will be held in "Borisov Arena". At 20.55 the beginning. Do not miss the online broadcast, but rather come to Belarus. We have a visa-free regime from 5 to 10 days!

Football fans are planning to celebrate the arrival of their favorite team across the country in their designated cafes and restaurants. Most of all, the Chelsea team was afraid to see that they would be given little support. That is what they see as the reason for the loss of the match by the Liverpool team in Belgrade, as was learned from an interview with them. I suggest all football fans to spend their couple of days of rest here and make an impact on the match, support your favorite team :)

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  • This seems exciting and is so cool your name matches to the town. Great article. Keep up the good work

      2 years ago
  • The banner from the airport

      2 years ago
  • Chelsea team won the competition!

      2 years ago