Why do hybrid cars need their own engine-care products?

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Over the past year or so we've worked with Liqui Moly to talk about all the ways in which your car's innards can be cared for and coaxed into living for longer than they otherwise would.

But so far we've only really spoken about petrol and diesel engines (and the odd motorbike chain). Hybrids, however, haven't been forgotten – and Liqui Moly has something to help prolong this relatively new form of propulsion tech.

Why do hybrids need their own additives?

As you all know, most hybrid cars work by turning off their petrol engines as much as possible to eke out the best possible fuel consumption. Ideally, you'd buy a hybrid if much of your driving is taken up by short trips around town – this means the petrol engine would barely get a look in as you waft around using electricity alone, picking up the kids from school or finding your dog's favourite organic wagyu food at the local butchers.

One downside of living what really amounts to a purely electric driving life is that your car's petrol engine doesn't get used much – and when it does, it's doing cold starts, drinking petrol that may have been sitting in the fuel tank for months and months – much longer than in a regular petrol car. That's why you need an additive to keep your hybrid's petrol engine running better and lasting longer.

How can an additive help?

The clever bods at Liqui Moly came up with their cunningly named Hybrid Additive, which… is sort of a hybrid. That's because it does two things – it stabilises the fuel sitting in the tank and cleans your petrol engine's injection system.

To be honest if you've got a 918 Spyder the petrol engine won't be sitting idle for long

To be honest if you've got a 918 Spyder the petrol engine won't be sitting idle for long

Why? Well, David Kaiser, head of R&D at Liqui Moly, explains: "The fuel remains in the tank for longer and ages more." And because of the irregular use of the engine, you may find more potentially damaging deposits in your injection system, which this additive gets rid of. In short, if you daily a hybrid then you should definitely check out an additive like this to prolong the life of your engine.

How does it work?

You simply squirt it straight into your car's fuel tank – one can of Hybrid Additive can treat 75 litres of petrol.

Will hybrids still be here in 10 years? Tell us your favourite in the comments!

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  • So a fuel stabilizer, I wonder if this will become a standard option at refueling stations over time?

      1 month ago
    • Its a recommended item to buy for gas/petrol engine garden machinery and other small engines like outboard boat engines now as the ethanol in the fuel goes off if left over 3 months causing the dreaded starting issues where it takes forever...

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