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W​hy Do People Hate Lewis Hamilton?

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L​ewis Hamilton is a fantastic driver, and anybody that disagrees with that statement is simply wrong. You don't become a five-time world champion as a mediocre driver - but people still seem to dislike Lewis. Today we are going to take a look at why this is.

Lewis Hamilton has a very different lifestyle to the majority of the drivers on the F1 grid. He has his own clothing lines with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, and releases all his styles on social media. Hamilton is also very open about his vegan lifestyle, even starting his own meat-free burger chain. Not to mention he is also cares a lot about the environment and animal welfare, spending some of his time visiting and donating money to different charities. So what's up with all the hate?

H​amilton is a good team player. Image: Mercedes Media Centre.

L​et's start of with the idea of people saying he is a mediocre driver at best. Many people believe that Lewis Hamilton is nowhere near the likes of Max Verstappen when it comes to skill on track. Furthermore, people often say that they think Hamilton has only had his success due to the fact that he has always had a competitive car. I have to admit, I do disagree with this argument due to the fact that Hamilton and Verstappen have never driven the same car - so how can that assumption be accurate. Additionally, the two drivers have contrasting driving styles; I am a fan of Verstappen's aggressive style, but when was the last time Hamilton crashed into someone and it was 100% his fault? Compare that to Max who has hit another car in the last two races, and it was safe to say it is his fault. Regarding the competitive car argument, I think Bottas is a great example of a driver who struggles to get the maximum out of the car.


H​amilton's very outgoing personality is another reason why a lot of people don't like him. Lewis has a reputation for being controversial in some ways, such as wearing sunglasses during national anthems etcetera. Other things about Hamilton's personality that people don't seem to like is his constant complaining when things don't seem to go his way. I've noticed this a lot with Hamilton, and also drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Moaning about the car in stressful situations is understandable; but you will find that he moans about the car a lot more than other drivers do - it can be quite frustrating...

W​hat are your thoughts on this topic? I personally believe that a lot of the Formula One fans are quite unfair towards Hamilton, and that he get's a lot more hate than other drivers do. One thing I have massive respect for his his ability to block out the haters. During the whole Italian GP weekend, Hamilton was booed by Ferrari fans; but he still make an effort to wish them a good day - even if they don't like him. This is why I have massive respect for Lewis:

L​ewis Hamilton's reaction the the Italian GP booing. Image: Lewis Hamilton via Instagram.

In conclusion; Lewis Hamilton is a driver that can divide the community - some people are massive fans, and some people hate the guy. People don't like Hamilton because of his ego, which is a fair enough comment - but we can all be guilty of ignoring all the good things because of one flaw. In a community where there are millions of fans, you are never going to please everyone (unless your name is Daniel Ricciardo), so the answer to this question is really opinion based.

L​et me know in the comments what you think of Lewis Hamilton. Do you like him, or do you hate him? Let me know your reasons why! Thanks for reading this article. If you would like to see more from me, click here to see my profile. Why not check out my recent post - 'The Grille gets uglier: BMW Concept 4 Revealed' by clicking here?

N​otice: I am a Hamilton fan. I try to remain unbiased at all times - especially for my F1 2019 Season Review series. Naturally, this article was fairly difficult to write since it isn't easy to say negative things about the person you support. I massively respect Lewis as a person; I just wanted to start a discussion to see what people think (trying to write as neutrally as possible)!

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