Why do we do track days?

Is there any good reason for it.....

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Let me start by introducing myself, my names Jason, I'm the idiot in the picture. I run the social media based car club called TrackAddict, an Instagram page that got so out of control we now have a global community off track day drivers and some famous race drivers. Even though I’m not a journalist, nor am I in anyway qualified to write a column I am an avid track day driver and car enthusiast to the highest degree. This leads me into my topic of choice. Why do we do track days? I mean really, we drive round all day and end up exactly where we started and what do we have to show for it? Ruined tyres, an empty fuel tank, a huge dent in the wallet and a horrible drive home in a car that just is no longer suitable for Britain’s pot marked roads. I know all of this, I do it on regular occasions, and so what is it that keeps us coming back for more?
For me to explain this I have to go back 12 months to a cold, wet, dark morning in March at Rockingham. It was the first event I’d organised for Track Addict and it was a sell out, 70 or so cars all booked on and eager to get going.
There was a group of about 10 of us that went and for some it was their first track day while others were a bit more experienced. The day started well, the track was damp and Rockingham in the wet is like an ice rink! The morning session came and went and everything was going smoothly. Then in the afternoon we had a red flag, it turned out one of my friends had rolled his Clio on the exit of Chapman Curve. He lost the back end hit the gravel side on and went over with his dad in the car! I went to the medical centre to meet him as the car was recovered back to the pits, he was OK, pride dented but otherwise OK. The car not so much, he was certain it was done for but when we got back to the pits the guys we’d gone along with had put a halt to their days and nothing was more important than getting the Clio back out on track. We came back to the car on jacks, wheels off, gravel being picked out and dented roof being straightened out, people we’d never met offering to help. This for me sums up perfectly why I do track days, not the driving, not the cars, Its the teamwork and people we meet along the way. The friends I’ve made that we have in common is cars are unbelievable. It’s funny how these inanimate objects can bring you closer to so many different people. We again returned to Rockingham this March and many of the faces that were strangers last year are now good friends.

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  • I have never been to a track day per say I did couple of gymkhanas and a hill climb. There is something there that just connects people, I think err get addicted to each other's cars regardless of the make or model.

      3 years ago
  • I find it hard to explain to people why I do track days but once you experience it you understand.

      3 years ago
  • For me it started when I left living in London where I used to drive a couple of times a month and moved to Yorkshire for work, the more I was driving the more I can became disillusioned at driving on UK roads. The state of the roads, the volume of traffic and dare I say, the standard of driving. I had a Renualt Megane Sport at the time, a brilliant drivers car and my trusty Mk3 track prepared fiesta. Both cars I wanted to enjoy but just couldn't!. Then at Time Attack in 2014, I took the plunge and brought 2 Public track sessions. I was the slowest car on circuit by a mile but even that couldn't take the huge smile from my face, I was hooked. I had to do this again. Things have progressed over time, I have been to both on your track addict days at Rockingham, One without incident and one we don't really like to talk about. Not sure I will be on track this year as I have plans for my new fiesta over the coming weeks but I will pop down to spectate if I'm not driving. I've been to circuits all over the country, Oulton Park, Croft, Donington Park, Cadwell & Blyton. Visiting somewhere new is like an adventure, which doesn't always to go plan, a 3.5 hour trip back from Oulton with a broken water pump and a week to prepare the car for Donington Park the following weekend springs to mind but everyone pulls together and before you know it, you are out their again with all your mates, some you knew before, some you met whilst you were there. You can push yourself and your car to its limits and beyond (I've been beyond several times). Coppice - Charlies - Park Straight - Park - Chris Curve - Gooseneck - Mansfield, string all those together as fast as you dare, I will never tire of that.

      3 years ago