Why do we get so angry on the road?

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Almost every driver has experienced some kind of road rage in their lives. Road rage can vary from a brief exchange of hand gestures, to full blown fighting or even coming under violent attack. A worrying three in ten people have reported that they've been involved in an altercation or threatened last year in the UK.

Watch - male jailed for road rage incident:

Recent research from AutoTrader reveals that 53% of road users (drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users) have felt intimidated whilst out on the road. Almost half (47%) have faced aggression from other road users, 45% have been shouted at and 41% have received verbal abuse at some point.

Tailgating is one of the UK's biggest irritations whilst out on the road

Tailgating appears to be a big issue with a whopping 67% of people claiming to have had another driver behind them at an aggressively-dangerous distance.

To make matters worse, 18% of us have been physically threatened and one in ten have been involved in a spot of road-side fighting with another road user. This is even worse for those out jogging, where a terrifying one in five of them have been involved in an altercation.

One in eight cyclists have faced the same level of abuse as those out jogging and nearly a third of runners and a fifth of cyclists state that they've been scared for their own safety following an altercation.

Cyclists are left feeling intimidated after clashes with drivers

But what is is about driving that makes us so angry? Is it that inconsiderate road user that causes an unnecessary hazard by not indicating, or could it be the fact that we just all don't like each other?

AutoTrader has launched a new campaign called #SwearToChange, which aims to help make the roads more harmonious for all users:


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