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Why Do We Love Cars?

A short introspective on the car hobby

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Cars. You dream about them when you sleep and when you are awake. For some they are a mode of transport, others a flashy symbol, but for you they are life. Why is this? What makes cars so special that they occupy every bit of your free time? Is it the way the look? The impression others get of you when they learn of what you drive? The answer to the root question is both insanely simple and incredibly complex. They're fun.

I was recently at Richmond Cars & Coffee, my local C&C in Richmond, VA. Walking around I began to tune into the various background conversations... "carburetor this and fuel injector that..." It dawned on me people were ONLY talking about cars. There were no politics, no religion, and honestly very little about the virus-that-shall-not-be-named. It was then I realized that with my car friends I only talk about cars. Car relationships offer an escape from day-to-day life. Generally speaking, car-people are happy to JUST talk about cars. Wait a minute Andrew, sports, people talk sports and only sports. Also, sports offers the necessary level of stats, analysis, and knowledge that provides conversational depth required for hours long low-stakes-debate. The kind of debate that can never really be solved or won, but is stimulating without escalating. True, but what about when even talking is too much? When you really just need alone time.

You can drive cars, feeling the g's and be centered with a machine so complex it feels almost alive. Sure, you can play sports, but sports alone are just exercise (who wants to do that?!). Furthermore, you can't meet your sport heroes that you read about in magazines and see on TV. You CAN drive your heroes. Maybe you can't drive an F40 (the Lebron James of cars?), but you can drive a (insert attainable car) Joe Smith (no one should turn their nose up at a 15-year NBA career).

In conclusion, the people in the hobby only want to talk about the hobby, you can momentarily get away from day-to-day frustrations, and interact with (some of) your heroes. That makes them a fun escape. Go drive.

Andrew is a car-lover who struggles with a day job. He's owned more cars than the rest of his family combined and is currently obsessed with his 1988 Ferrari Mondial Coupe (turbo'd).

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