W​hy do you hate Tesla?

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  • I don't like electric cars, I don't like what they stand for, or how they drive, or most people who drive them (though your alright) Elon I don't like but I don't hate, I dislike self driving technology as it does more harm than good, I don't like the half ass build quality and I dislike the styling. That's just my opinion on all electric cars, Tesla is just the most common one so it's the cars I hate on the most but trust me I'll hate on a Taycan or a Leaf just as much.

      2 months ago
  • I don't hate Tesla, I quite like them. The styling isn't the best though and I don't like the steering yoke on the new Model S. Otherwise I think they're cool.

      1 month ago
  • REAL nuggets? or pasteurized process imitation chicken patty food substance with

      2 months ago
  • i like evs and tesla but i can say Elon is crazy

      2 months ago
  • Too big for British roads and parking spaces!

      2 months ago