Why does BMW make a car where you can't open the trunk from inside!?

1y ago


So last night I parked my BMW 4 series on the street outside my house and opened the trunk (aka boot) to grab some items. After opening the trunk, I put the key inside the boot to free up my hand thinking I'll pick it up after I grab the items as I'd need to lock the car.

But stupidly I closed the trunk and then realised straight away that I left the keyless fob in the boot. Not panicking I thought every car has a boot switch inside which you can press to pop it open, so I'd just do that. But behold this car doesn't after checking everywhere and reading the manual. Google search suggests that there is a switch inside the car but not in UK or Ireland (helpful). Furthermore there is an emergency release switch on the trunk, but again not in the UK (helpful x2).

So why on earth does BMW make a car where the boot can't be opened at all apart from pressing the button on the key fob. Even my first ever car which was a 2001 Ford Mondeo had this basic feature.

Reluctant, I had no choice but to go to sleep and get up first thing in the morning when my neighbour wakes up who has the second key. (I tried calling him but he's fast asleep and ringing the bell at this time of the night, 2:30am is just plain rude). The car is still unlocked but luckily when I press the start button the car does not start saying it requires the key even though I thought it started if the key is within range so lets see if I wake up to my car still being there or an empty spot.. (edit: my car wasn't stolen and the key is now recovered!)

Are there any cars which have the same problem? Let me know in the comments below especially if you've shared my pain!

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  • My next car is the BMW 4 series. Thanks for the heads up! My 3 series has a release so that would have been a surprise to find that the 4 doesn’t. Do you have split folding rear seats? Could you have folded one side down and crawled through to get your keys?

    10 months ago
    • Ah awesome definitely recommend them great cars! If you’re from the US then your 4 will probably have a release, iris just the UK models which don’t. I haven’t seen an option...

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      10 months ago
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  • That's just a problem, Be glad you had a spare key! otherwise, you'd only have one choice...

    1 year ago


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