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Why does it seem that young Americans today are mostly fans of imported vehicles?

If you’re a young adult American, you’ve probably noticed at car shows or just in conversation that people of similar ages seem to all love imported cars. This has provoked me in wonder why the countries own would rather have a vehicle form .

Well it seems that it’s all sort of a now untraceable cycle as it truly is early in how this happens. In the mid- 20th century, motor vehicles were still fairly new, and young kids were in love with these machines.

The kids then all were glorifying the cars they had, and mostly all they could access were American cars. This is how the arms race of horsepower came to be in the American car market; these kids just wanting more of this thrill of speed.

This glorious power race was suddenly ended by the oil crisis, causing the former titians of power to make dreary and disappointing vehicles. And these young people now had only one place to turn to for exciting cars, imports.
Being just as affordable as well as more powerful these cars were the solution to the speed drought. Then as the country become more familiar with the foreign , more and more was the country exposed to these foreign wonders, more and more posters of Lamborghini Countachs and other icons were being put up onto bedroom walls.

So as time went on, the love for these car were passed down. Now some still had a love for the old days of American muscle, and that’s why the new generation have a passion for the American powerhouses.

With that evolution of time occurring, so was technology. As the internet came along, the American youth could easily access all they wanted in their minds. And being able to see these cars and even see that they were superior performance wise, this as well putting a fire for the imports in the minds of the youth.

With these minds filled with love for foreign cars, they grew up and made their own lives surrounding themselves with these vehicles that they love. And these kids growing up to be part of pop culture,for instance the very influential Fast and Furious Saga. So these influences will now surround generations to come it seems, until a big figure can influence enough to bring back American muscle cars into the spotlight; and with a new uprising of American power,that doesn’t seem too far fetched.

So for now the import envying will reign over the youth of America, but it seems that one day maybe that will flip, maybe it will be an even balance. Only time can tell.