Why Doesn't Britain Have Manufacturer-specific Car Museums?

1w ago


If you're like me, and have travelled Europe quite a bit, then I'm sure you would've noticed that there are museums dedicated to single car brands dotted around for you to visit.

There's the Mercedes and Porsche museums in Stuttgart, the BMW museum in Munich, the Ferrari museum in Marenello, Lamborghini museum in Sant' Agata. I can go on forever - seriously.

But once you look at what the UK has to offer, I think it's rather a mess.

What we have already

National Motor Museum - Beaulieu.

As I said... just now. I believe the layout of car museums in the UK is a mess, but what exactly do I mean by that?

Well look, here's a small list of the major ones:

- Transport museum, Coventry.

- National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

- British Motor Museum, Gaydon.

There are other, smaller places which you can check out, but those are the main three that focus on Britain's motoring history.

Although they have some great exhibits, I don't personally like the fact that the cars are scattered from each other. Take Lotuses for instance; you have to visit all 3 of the above places to tick off everything that represents the brand. Why can't they all just be under one roof in a Lotus museum?

I don't know about you guys, but that's why I think it's a bit of a mess.

It's a similar story with Jaguar, unfortunately.

Now, I will counter myself at this point and acknowledge the fact that Jaguar have set up a rather amazing heritage centre next to the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. I've been myself and the collection is fantastically extensive.

But still, other cars which are significant to their history are stored in other museums across the country. And I don't understand why a proper Jaguar museum (which contains everything) hasn't been set up yet.

Britain is rich with their motoring history. And I'm sat here right now wondering why museums specific for Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus, TVR etc. haven't... happened. It would be great for tourism while bringing in some cash for the manufacturers as well.

How I would do it

Porsche museum, Stuttgart.

Let's imagine the geography:

- I'd place the Aston Martin museum in Newport Pagnell.

- The Bentley museum would be in Crewe.

- The Rolls Royce museum would be in/near Goodwood.

- The Jaguar museum should be in Coventry, though anywhere in the Midlands would be fine.

- The Lotus museum would be in Norfolk next to the factory.

Also, notice how in (for example) the Porsche museum, there's this wonderfully modern architecture and intriguing layout that welcomes you and your family to explore the brand and the history of it.

I would probably do the same with the British car museums to add to the sense of quality, luxury and amazement of the brands.

But what do you guys think? I believe it'd be a fantastic thing if British car manufacturers had their own big museums, but do have a reason why they shouldn't? Let's discuss in the comments :)

Thanks for reading.