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Why Don't BMW drivers signal?

Hopefully, this will help you understand the whole "BMW Driver" stereotype.

38w ago

Here's my theory on why BMWs don't like to signal. I'll keep this short and try not to go on a rant.

First off, this stereotype isn't totally correct.

Some BMW drivers signal. I'll explain which ones. Most often, the BMWs that signal are the older ones. They're the ones driven by people who care about their car, and who don't want to be a cock. Cars from the 1990s and earlier tend to signal, that is unless the signal is broken. I drive a 1990 BMW 850i, and I usually signal. It's the idiots who drive newer BMWs, usually young guys driving their daddy's car, that neglect their turn signals.

So, who specifically signals, and who doesn't?

Chances are, if it's your own car, you will want to take care of it. Especially if it's a cool or classic car. Cutting other motorists off and not signaling is a very good way to get into an accident, which can damage your car. If it's not your car, people tend to go different ways. On one side, people who are driving borrowed or rented cars will take extra good care of it in order to bring it home in the same condition it left in. On the complete opposite side, some people figure that since it's not theirs, taking care of it doesn't really matter. Most of the people who "forget" to signal are driving someone else's car.

But... Why BMWs and not Hondas?

First of all, it's not only BMW drivers who don't signal. Folks who drive Mercedes, Audis, and other high-end vehicles often neglect it too. It's about the cost of the car. Many people who drive expensive cars will think of themselves above people who drive cheap cars, so therefore they should get the right of way. It's like they think that their time is more important. They don't care that other people need to get somewhere too, they just care about getting there themselves.

Here's my summary:

See, I told you I'd keep things short.

BMW drivers don't use their turn signals because, they are either driving someone else's car, or they think of themselves higher than the people around them. Or both. So next time you see a BMW use it's turn signal, don't take a video to post on DT and laugh about it. Or call him a BMW noob. Instead, look at the car. Is it an older BMW? He probably cares about his car. Is it a laid-back, younger guy or sweet looking old man? He probably cares about others.

With that being said, post your favourite BMW turn signal meme in the comments!

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Comments (17)

  • For newer ones, maybe it’s too damn annoying to use them because the signaling stop comes back in place making it hard to tell if it’s on or off, and where you’re signaling

      8 months ago
    • Good point! Even Jezza mentioned that in the E90 M5 report.

        8 months ago
  • Fully agree with the article. I’d add some things:

    1. Add M-sport on either the 320/330 petrol and diesel and they are even less likely to signal.

    2. Whilst there are BMW and Mercedes drivers who don’t signal, I suspect 50%+ owned a BMW previously and still have the BMW mentality, they just got bored of their BMW’s due to the model cycle timing.

      8 months ago
    • Typo - ‘Audi’ instead of the first ‘BMW’ bit.

        8 months ago
  • I have never seen a BMW not signaling in Switzerland. Maybe because your neighbors call the rozzers if you watch TV too loudly at 1PM and that speeding is a crime like murder. It doesn't depend on models I believe. Even if it's the newest 3 series, I have seen them use their turn signals. And as we're on this subject of turn signals, I think that it's only acceptable to not signal if there is no one behind you in a 100-infinity metres distance.

      8 months ago
  • I rented a 320d once. The signal stalk was covered in sticky goo. I did not signal. Until of course I cleaned it for them.

      8 months ago
  • Awesome article!!!

      8 months ago