- J​eremy Clarkson's Lamborghini R8 - according to its name a mixture of some of the sportiest vehicles VW can offer.

W​hy don't we all drive tractors?

I​ finally started watching Clarkson's Farm today, and it made me wondering about this.

W​hen I saw Clarkson's Lamborghini tractor for the first time, I expected it to compete with a fully loaded S-Class what prices concerns. This resulted in me being very surprised when Jeremy said he got it for £40,000, until I noticed that he had bought it used and it would cost nearly £170,000 new, which isn't only twice as much as an entry level Mercedes S-Class, but even considerably more than the Maybach version.

M​ercedes S-Class W223 - half the price of the Lamborghini.

M​ercedes S-Class W223 - half the price of the Lamborghini.

I​ could take this as an answer to the title question, but I won't.

E​ngine size and power

S​urely a tractor as massive as this has a huge engine with lots of cylinders and a thousand horsepower! At least that's what I thought when seeing the R8 and its price, but as it turns out it's powered by a 6 cylinder Diesel turning out no more than 269 horsepower, you get far more power in the 6 cylinder Diesel engine powered S-Class for half of the Lamborghini's price.


I​t's a Lamborghini, so it should be able to leave the S-Class in dust here. Unfortunately though, the only dust that the R8 can throw at the S-Class is the one that's sticking on its wheels from the work on the fields, because it has a top speed of just 50 km/h (30mph) which it reaches after not very lamborghiniish 18 seconds.

F​uel consumption

T​he R8 has not done well so far, so it better has a good fuel consumption. And it does! No, that was a lie, it needs 44 liters of Diesel per 100 kilometers, that means a mileage of 5 mpg. That is a very small number, especially compaerd to the ca. 29 mpg (8 l/100 km) of the S-Class.

R​ide comfort

I​ sadly can't give you any figures here, but word has reached me once or twice that the S-Class has a rather comfortable ride, while watching Clarkson driving his Lamborghini on a normal road reminded me of a dog sitting on a skateboard which is rolling down some stairs. It did not look very comforable, in case you couldn't filter that information out of the previous sentence.

I​s the Lamborghini good at anything?

Y​es actually, it is. It has a ground clearance of 60cm, considerably more than the lowrider that's called the S-Class. The Mercedes is known for having a very small turning circle for a large sedan, it only needs 10.5 meters. However, that's nothing against the Lamborghini's frankly astonishing 6.75 meters. Apart from that the Lamborghini also has a bigger payload and quite a lot more gears than the Mercedes.

W​hich is better for my daily shopping?

T​hat really depends on how much you're planning to buy, for the weekend shopping the Lamborghini might be useful to some people with its payload of 4.5 tons. If you live near that thing called a city though, the Mercedes should be the more appropriate choice with its more compact size. If you live in a small village, that compact size will also be helpful. And if you want to go onto a motorway to reach a certain store, the Lamborghini definitely shouldn't be your choice either since it might keep up traffic a bit.


I​ think that - other than originally planned - I actually answered the title question very well and convincing. The issue here is really that I started writing the article before having done any research on the R8 whatsoever. And to be honest I did expect it to be slightly faster, a bit better valued and a lot more powerful. And since I partly drove a tractor once and can therefore clearly call myself a tractor expert, I can conclude that the R8 is overall rather disappointing. Especially considering the fact that it has the names of some of VWs finest supercars. So apparently it actually makes sense that we don't all have tractors as our daily drives.

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Comments (12)

  • You forgot one important rule with the fuel economy. The tractor can legally be run on red diesel, which means it isn’t taxed and therefore ever

      1 month ago
    • I think your autocorrect or something interrupted you there

      But even without Diesel taxes I think it still wouldn't be exactly cheap to run the R8 on a daily basis

        1 month ago
    • Indeed (therefore cheaper was meant to be the words). You’re quite right there. I understand this is a humorous article, it’s just an interesting addition (at least i think it is)

        1 month ago
  • Tractors are cool, just not easy on the road

      1 month ago
  • From experience driving tractors is ok as long as you go for one with front suspension and cab suspension with a decent air seat fitted and a decent specified cab . If you get a tractor without that you will have a bumpy uncomfortable ride. In terms of driving experience even though they are slow you are pretty high up and you can actually scare people in SUV's who think they are kings of the road in their tall big vehicles.

      1 month ago
  • But is a Lamborghini

      1 month ago
  • too slow

      1 month ago