W​hy F1 second parts are never as good as the first one

I​t is pointless to have former champions back to an F1 seat ....

T​he last time a retired WDC came back to his full glory was Lauda on the 80's, and that was 30 plus years ago.

I'm writting this article reading countless or publications saying for an Alonso come back for the 2021 big F1 change, but also when former champions wants to be back, but to a different game. Alonso has won already 2 out of 3 of the triple crown milestones, having him lacking only the Indy 500 (a feature he will eventually achieve). This january he will race the dakkar cup with the whole toyota team racing for him, and having Nasser Al Attiyah and Carlos Sainz Sr. as their "trainners", so the chances of him having a podium aren't low, specially having the former winning team and drivers. Ok, so Alonso is aiming to have a sort of cuadruple crown, or even a quintuple crown, or just having another big motor sport race in his pocket in case the Indy 500 becomes his unicorn (or eleanor for the gone in 60 seconds fans).

S​o going back to F1 and remembering the former case of great drivers comming back after their retirement the stories are not to be that optimistic. Schummi did good, but the mercs were still in development stage before becoming as dominante as they are (note apart I trully think he cuulda have his 8th or even 9th title), before he retired for the second and final time. Kimi did spectacular in Ferrari, but he was already second driver, in a team were racing decisions are, to say the least, bad. Not to mention of Williams having Kubica in their seats, which was nothing but a comercial strategy.

T​here for Alonso coming back it will be either a sponsoring excersice rather than a competitive seat. Having him in Ferrari? LeClerk is already driver number 1. Red Bull, besides the strugle with Honda, Max won't be his racing support exactly. The Mercs?, no chance of Toto and Lewis screwing their goal to have the 8th WDC (mercedes are sandbagging kings, so I don't bite the "we will sell the team by 2021" rumors). So the only avaliable team is, of course, McLaren. That according to their 2020 result. But even doing that, what would be the point for Zak Brown risking the 3 years recovery process, just for a year or so sponsor money?

So, as a wrap of everything written in here, If Alonso wants to have his place a the best of he best of the modern era, he must aim for the Indy 500. He is already the guy who dethrone Schummi in the race track. He is as much as great driver as Lewis is. Never driving gods are remembered by their records, that is just statistics, but how amazing was to watch them on the asphalt (or dirt, or water)

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