Why Fake Badges need to Die in 2019

3w ago


We’ve had enough. M badging on BMWs, fake AMG or Bluetech-hybrid badging and Bentley badge on a Chrysler should Rest in Peace in 2019.

These badges don’t only annoy people like us who know about the real car and it’s fake badging, but also misleads people who want to buy a new car and don’t know that much about the car industry.

Look at this for an example. From when did Mercedes start making M cars.

A person came and said me that I want to buy a ‘C220d AMG Bluetec Hybrid M‘. I said this thing doesn’t exist and then that guy showed me the fake badging and said here it is. It took me 1 hour to explain the stupid fake badging trend.

This trend is really annoying. Even hot hatchbacks are not spared. The other day, I saw a M Polo.

Its really bothersome and this needs to die. It needs to be the New Year resolution of many.

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  • Fake badges add free horsepower, just like red brake callipers, go faster stripes and fake exhaust tips!

    21 days ago
    3 Bumps
    • On a serious note. Am I the only one who really likes the look of contrasting callipers? (Like, I 200% get that they add 0 performance. But they look wow. )

      20 days ago
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    • It depends on the car for me

      20 days ago
      2 Bumps
  • It reflects to things about the owner: 1- serious lack of confidence & insecurity 2- owner is a noob comic

    22 days ago
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