Why Fernando Alonso Is One Of The Best.. and The Unluckiest

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“Fernando Alonso must be one of the top 10 drivers of all time who has ever graced the cockpit of a Formula 1 car”

Martin Brundle, F1 Commentator and former F1 Driver

It’s crazy to think that one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1 won only two World Championships, did not taste victory since the last time Manchester United won the Premier League and had to deal with a lot of substandard machinery in his time in the sport.

The lightning-fast Spaniard raced the equivalent of twice around the equator – or a fifth of the way to the Moon – in his 17-season Formula 1 career, yet in his 311 races, he could only record 32 wins.

But what makes him “One of the best”? Here are three things in my opinion that show that he is one of the very best.

He was the one who DETHRONED Schumacher

As Alonso himself put it, winning the championship with the legendary Michael Schumacher still around would have always been difficult, but the young Spaniard did it twice.

He also produced passes like this at 320km/h that simply weren’t supposed to happen…..

THAT pass at the 130R

Fighting For The Championship in that SHED Of A Ferrari

It is unbelievable to think how Fernando Alonso managed to wrestle the Ferrari F2012, which was on average the third fastest car on the grid that year, to just 3 points away from the title. That year included mesmerising drives from the Spaniard in both Malaysia and Valencia, with his teammate finishing out of the points in both the races. That’s how good Alonso was.

Oh and, he also produced one of the best saves ever in Formula 1 History at the season finale in Brazil.

Beating his teammates

Alonso out-qualified his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne at McLaren Renault in 2018 in every race that season, and his teammate was a GP2 Championship Winner.

He had done the exact same thing to Nelson Piquet Jr back in 2009

He was not just dominant in qualifying either, with him beating all his teammates in the races from 2007

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