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4y ago

Reader: So what the hell is The F-T-T?

Me: Oh its on Drivetribe.com next to Jeremy Clarkson & Co

Reader: What the hell is drivetribe & whos Jeremy Clarkson?

Me: Well thats simple: Drivetribe is a brand new worldwide digital community for anyone with a passion for engines and wheels. There are lots of amazing Tribes here including tribes from Jeremy Clarkson, who was that bloke that people signed a petition 40,000 times to become the UK primeminister and I'm pretty sure he does car concerts or shows or something along those lines....

Anyway all sorts of fantastic amazing and skilled people are on here, and I am too although Im still trying to work out how I got so lucky. Anyway, I came up with the idea that Transit owners are normally left alone to get on with the job these days and that surely one of them out there must have an exciting story to tell about whats happened in their days out in the vans, or what extras they have added or more importantly what fantastic van they live in on a daily basis. I also kept hearing through social media that alot of Transit vans were getting stolen in my area and in most cases are never seen again. Well this got me thinking and when Jeremy offered people the chance i dove straight in. Why cant Transit owners have a dedicated Tribe which is easy to use and moderated by a little cheeky scottish bloke? Why can't we all be connected on a worldwide basis? Somewhere to chat, to post stolen adds, or on a lighter note, to post photos/videos of the amazing hard work that you've put into your vans and any or all time thats went into modding them up.

So here we are, and since I managed to come this far why not push the boat out....why not do awesome reviews so that you the public know exactly what your getting before you even leave your house. Don't think im going to sugar coat things because I love the Transit over any other van, don't think that I won't compare other vans to the beloved Transit, because I am 100% going to do that. And i have that much confidence in Ford that i can write this to you know in the hope I don't have to try and slyly remove it later on.

We attend Transit meets/shows and record any specialised events. We love Transits since they went into production and although some people don't like the new models and others prefer the older classics, we don't mind because we LOVE THEM ALL.

This is my first time Writing, Filming, Editing & Producing and I done my first few films on a Galaxy S6...


We have special secret information to share. We have garage secrets just screaming to be shown to the world. We do stupid stuff, mostly that to be honest but we hope you enjoy the tribe and feel free to give us your suggestions and advice on improving the site. Rome wasnt built in a day and I can promise this is my first time Writing, Filming, Editing & Producing and I done my first few films on a Galaxy S6 and a couple of Go Pro's and an amazing editing programme again which i had no clue about. So bare with me until I get the hang of it all and my new equipment arrives :) Happy Watching.

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