Why has the Ford Puma outsold the Focus so far in 2021?

Is the Puma the new everyday family Ford?

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New data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have revealed the top-selling cars of 2021 so far.

At number nine, on the list, is the Ford Puma which has achieved 2675 sales so far this year. This is 44 more than the Focus, sitting at the number ten spot. Although not by much, the Puma which has only been on sale for a year, seems to be stealing from the pot of potential Focus buyers.

Credit: ford.co.uk

Credit: ford.co.uk

So, why is this?

For starters, the Puma is £1,580 cheaper than the Focus and, on the surface, you don't seem to lose a whole lot. The Puma has been a hit with buyers due to its surprisingly fun dynamics and achieves a slightly better figure for urban fuel economy. The absence of a diesel engine doesn't seem to have turned many buyers away, possibly due to the clamp-down on emissions and imminent move to an EV-dominated market.

The fact that the Puma is classed as a 'small-SUV' like Audi's Q2 or BMW's X2, certainly gives it an edge in the current market.

The release of a 'hot' Puma ST and a new automatic gearbox option may have also been contributing factors, however the looks and personality the Puma possesses are a major driving force, in my opinion.

Credit: ford.co.uk

Credit: ford.co.uk

Puma buyers clearly want something a bit different and exciting compared with the benchmark Focus. I mean, look at the green colour option! The addition of the Vignale also means that buyers don't have to choose the ST to feel special. The Vignale's plush design and sense of style seem to have captured people's attention.

What do you think of the Ford Puma? Do you love it? Hate it? Comment your thoughts down below.

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Comments (11)

  • SUV culture is getting bigger but that might change soon when the tax is raised on them as the UK government see them all as gas guzzlers.

      1 month ago
  • I’d buy the focus instead

      1 month ago
  • The Puma is the ugliest car I've ever seen

      1 month ago
  • When I come to power, people that buy fake off-roaders will be culled along with Peugeot drivers & Justin Bleater.

      1 month ago
  • Focus any day and every day, simple as that. Lower CG, Superior handling and steering, Playfulness of a hatch, etc. The same applies to the Fiesta as well. No matter how much the Puma tries to emulate the Fiesta, it won't succeed.

    True SUVs I can understand the point of, but most, if not, almost all crossovers, I don't understand...

      1 month ago