- L​amborghini Diablo.

W​hy has the Lamborghini Diablo gained so much popularity recently?

I​n recent times a lot of world-changing things have happened, a very important one is that suddenly the Diablo is becoming the most popular Lambo

O​f course it didn't take my medium-planet-sized brain long to work out the main reasons for the Diablo's gain in popularity. When a car is only a few years old, it'll have to deliver the customer things like a compact size for easy parking and a good fuel consumption. If at the age of 30 it turns into a classic car however (which the earliest Diablos did last year), different things are starting to matter.


N​ow you could argue that practicality also matters in new cars, but most people are happy if their new car can fit some big bags and maybe a couple of skis in the trunk. In a classic car however, you might travel to car shows a lot and as classics aren't the fastest cars you'll spend a lot of time in them during that. So what you want from a classic car is a van-sized trunk. This is where the Diablo comes into its own because while it might not actually have a van-sized trunk, the shape of its windows reminds you of those of practical Fords like the Transit or F-150 everytime you walk near it, and this will give you the feeling of huge amounts of space.

R​ound rear lights

A​s the Lamborghini Diablo is an Italian supercar it will eventually break down. If you break down in it, it's quite likely that some electrics went wrong too which could mean that the rear lights have a loose connection and only flash from time to time. Thanks to the round shape of the Diablo's rear lights this flashing action will look exactly like an official warning sign and will make other drivers aware of the Diablo's problematic situation.

R​ear spoiler

T​his isn't the only thoughtful feature on the Diablo's rear, if you choose an SV with the spoiler you get another one. As the spoiler is bent down on both ends it looks a lot like a mustache, which will make people think they look at a policeman rather than a Lamborghini. This will result in them not overtaking you, so you'll have the road in front of you all to yourself.

R​ound shapes

I​n contrast to the edgy Countach, the Diablo is much rounder which will come in very handy in the following usual situation. You want to eat a jello for breakfast and suddenly notice that you're late for work, so you storm outside to your Lamborghini, the jello in your hand. Shortly before you've reached the Lamborghini's door, a deer crosses your way though so you have to avoid it and in the act of doing so lose the control over the jello in your hand. If you own a Countach, the jello will likely hit an edge of it, split in half and fall to the ground. If you have a Diablo on the other hand and the jello hits one of its curves, it will rebounce from the car and jump back into your hand or even your mouth if you're especially skillful.

Even if the I-love-the-Lamborghini-Diablo-movement hasn't reached you so far, it will be hard now to resist the strong want for a Diablo knowing all of its amazing features.

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Comments (85)

  • Flashing tail-lights on a yellow and black car might make people think, "School Bus", which is illegal to pass when the red lights flash.

      2 months ago
  • Vincent, you’re a talented guy and I absolutely believe you when you say you did these squiggly pen/wobbly brush drawings yourself. They are so good you should display them in a local art gallery. You might find you actually sell a few.

    I used to analyze your articles for weak spots in the plot, but now the plot is secondary to the quality of your drawings, so I don’t have any serious critiques of the plot.

    Back to the real world, one reason the Diablo might be favored over the original Countach is that these two cars are being purchased by older buyers who prefer the conservative slightly curvy Diablo to the more edgy Countach.

      2 months ago
    • Thankssss but I don't think people would actually pay money for that stuff

      And yes, that could well be a reason why the Diablo is becoming more popular but weirdly I've also noticed young people starting to like them

        2 months ago
    • Vincent, you underestimate yourself. There are mediocre “artists” out there who dabble in modern/cubist/abstract art, and who do nothing more than throw paint on a canvas.

      Your art is humorous, skillful and entertaining and is in a...

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • Because everything else is over-talked-about and overpriced

      2 months ago
  • DM me your dealer's number, pls.

      2 months ago
  • excellent article and very good points. just a question, who is the artist you hired?

    (also you should make an actual car review in this style)

      2 months ago