why have i fallen for a transit ????

motoring pleasure takes many forms

4y ago

So we deal in supercars classics and performance stuff but today we took this bad boy in and i am trying to figure out why i keep feeling the need to go out rallying around in it??????

Its a 2009 ford transit sport or something and i am the first to admit im not a fan of the bonnet stripes but i think the wheels and bumpersa do add to this vans appeal

It has loads of stuff you dont normally find o a van too, sat nav, elec windows, cruise control, aircon etc

But best of all it has a tourquey lump in there and despite its front wheel drive and the fact its a 7 year old van i just found myself walking past an amg gts coupe and a hurrican to take the van out to go for lunch. Its not always fantasy cars that press our buttons and yes I know the other stuff is technically better quicker 0 - 60 etc but i dont care i am enjoying the transit today.

People regularly tell me they are envious of the fact i drive around and play in so many fantasy machines and the stuff of dreams, but its a true petrolheads delight enjoying some of the simpler vehicles out there and i know other people out there also take pleasure from motoring in so many ways this is why we love our passion.

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