Why Honda's RC213V-S costs £138,000

1y ago


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At £138,000, the Honda RC213V-S is the world's most expensive road-going motorcycle. The video below is a brief glimpse into why it costs as much as it does.

Hand-built at Honda's Kumamoto factory, Honda capped the number at under 200 after the unit was flooded, ending production early. With such limited numbers, the V-S was always going to shun any mass production techniques, and the attention to detail is typical Honda. Precision hand welding all over and tiny touches that make this machine extra special. The geeks will enjoy this one.

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  • In the hands of the wrong person, it's going to be an expensive piece of pooh!

    5 months ago
  • Please someone test this and the HP4 BMW together.

    1 year ago
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