- An awfully pretty painfully expensive piece of decoration I'd say...


1y ago


It would be pretty fair to say that since some years on, a bunch car builders have taken the "Hypercar Race" so seriously that they forgot about the main purpose on a car: driving it.

Hypercars nowadays have become ridiculously expensive if you compare with other Hypercar ancestors. For example, even considering price fluctuation over time, the $399,150 price tag for a brand new F40 back in the day sounds pretty much a bargain put aside the astonishing $1,420,000 you will have to pay if you want to put your hands in a LaFerrari (which obviously is not going to happen).

But maybe the price is not the bigger of their problems... Maybe there are more bullets that have killed hypercars. Hypercar race has become a hellacious death match between constructors (mainly Porsche, Mclaren and Ferrari, but also Bugatti, Koenigsegg and others like the brand new rising star Rimac) where everyone is bleeding, sweating and crying to put on the streets the most expensive, technologically advanced and (obviously) fast piece of metal (well, carbon fiber) over 4 wheels.

Hellalot of money and horsepower in there but... Is it really worth it? Credits: The Grand Tour - Amazon Prime

They have been so busy lately trying to build the most expensive and fast pieces of technology there that in the end they forgot about the main purpose of a car: driving them. There is so much technology, so many gadgets, and intelligent systems and driving aids that, if you think about it for a second, it is almost like just sitting behind the wheel to watch the show of a freaking fast and drunk transformer who needs your help to not crash into a wall, even to the point that some of them they can overrun you if you are stupid enough to buy one of these without knowing how to drive them.

Another critical pain is, in fact, speculation. Some of them they don't even make it to the roads, they are just kept in garages or, even worse, some stupid asses' living rooms to not to crash them. Then there seems to be a problem, by choice, or you are stupid enough to buy it without knowing how to drive, or you are just not rich enough to afford a repair if you crash your beauty because you don't know how to drive it. Well, there is a third case, you know, you don't even like cars, and you buy it just as an investment, so you are depriving it of its DNA, which is to destroy the asphalt of every road they go through.

This guy knows how to own a supercar. Buy it, crash it, repair it and game on! Credits: Telegraph.co.uk

Hypercar market is starting to look much like jewelry and art. You know that if you buy certain artist's work, sooner or later it will cost a fortune (even bigger than the already big sum of money that you paid for it).

Hypercars are not about driving no more. They just became ridiculously expensive gadgets which you eventually get to ride on, though in the end, they are driving you to, and not the opposite. This old sensation about the car really trying to kill you at every touch of the throttle is long way gone. It's not about the driver handling the beast anymore (yes, you can disconnect thing, but even then, there's still such a big amount of computers helping), and that makes me sad. Yes, maybe I will never get to own one of those but, it bothers me that now they are being bought just as paperweights or china.

This is what I'm talking about... Pure raw untamedd power to be driven by guys with guts.

This beautiful machines don't deserve to be taken away their right to roar and hit the road. Beacuse if we are talking about art and decoration... Why putting an engine on them? Are Hypercars killing Hypercars?