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Why I can`t get to like Newer cars?

Not all modern cars are like this but... Still I have a few things to complain about.

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When people ask me to give their opinion on what I think about the modern cars of today they ask me not to give my opinion about sports cars since I have them pretty much seen and instead they ask me to examine an ordinary commuter car.

I know that modern cars that are extremely safe are the bastard child of the pursuit for speed, the desire to find out how fast we can go ended in the pursuit of safety after all.

But have we improved anything since then? I am sure that although we have safer cars we have neglected certain aspects of cars which some customers appreciate and even if it doesn`t look like it they`re pretty important towards selling your product efficiently.

they don't age well as time passes...

The truth is... we have neglected certain aspects of cars that are quite important even if they do not seem so, one of them, in my opinion, is the general styling of the cars which end up not aging well in comparison with newer cars, just like when the Volvo S60 was launched in 2002, people considered it an affordable luxury car because of the exterior appearance included with the leather interiors except for the horrendous dashboard painted in leather colors including fake wood trims which now make me want to throw up.

"including fake wood trims which now make me want to throw up"


I have to admit that today this car still looks like a luxury car, in comparison to the average conmon conmuter car. the interior although it includes a slot for the cassette still has its charm with the interior, there are things that simply do not age well with time, one of the things that certainly didn`t is the front of the S60, those wide opaque headlights certainly make it look like an 80s car with completely dirty yellow headlights, yet confusing people whenever they see the tailights making them think is a more modern car.

And in the second picture we have the Peugeot 308, It is clear that it is not fair to compare it with an older car from 2002 since many things came in since the S60 came out but you have to keep in mind that this car is 4 years old and it still looks somehow like it`s from this current age, There are designs like the Ferrari F40, the Porsche 918, The Mclaren F1... if there`s something I have to complain about this is that designers certainly forgot how to make a car enter through the consumer`s eyes rather than a thousand useless technology gimmicks, cars like the new GT86 will surely look boring to the young kids when electric cars are sadly the norm, they no longer will awake that curiosity and that attraction like some older cars can still do to this day, just like the Honda Civic Tourer, It may not be fast but... it still makes me raise my head in curiosity to look at it only to realise is a conmuter car.

We certainly have forgotten about bothering to do a nice interior design...

When it comes to the interior aspect I know that series production is more important than producing a beautiful design since building something beautiful takes time and cost in the car.

However, there are cars like the Mclaren P1 that convince me that even rough interiors with carbon fiber and lack of leather and gear sticks can still actually look nice, although they aren`t comfortable whenever you drive it fast the interior adds to the experience of driving making you feel like you`re driving a fighter jet at ground level, and even if stopped as soon you open the door and sit down you certainly know that the car in the that you are sitting is terrifying by a reason

And just before you tell me that the Interior of the 2020 Roadster is incredibly modern and perhaps the best idea ever made by humanity... being fair I got to say I like the holographic style screen sitting on the middle of the car`s cockpit trying so hard to recreate a spaceship out from the Star wars universe but for 200k $ don`t you think you deserve something that looks nicer in pair with that performance? the interior certainly makes me feel like I`m sitting in a mix of a futuristic kart with a modern living room and hard plastic seats from the 80s trying to look the most futuristic as possible.

I have never designed cars to be fair, but... I have to say two things, don`t abuse plastics in car interior design and above all... don`t leave the interior "empty" you will simply make your customer think that you simply have forgotten to deliver the interior the car packed.

And last... Reliability & excess driving aids?

-PC:Wikimedia conmons.

-PC:Wikimedia conmons.

and finally ... I am sure that you can buy a fancy looking Bmw I8 straight out of the dealership, you can notice how people look at your futuristic-looking car while you drive but... what happens after a bit of tear and wear?

The fantastic Bluetooth you have begins to fail to connect with other devices, like your cellphone, your portable radio or Wifi takes longer to connect or it just doesn`t connect at all, you`re out of battery in your phone yet you need to check something with your car`s internet connection that won`t work

They simply put too much stuff in very little space, many electric things that are costly to repair including driving aids such as auto parking for lazy people who don't know how to park their car let alone do an "O" with a paper Canute, including the lane-keeping assist for those who don`t know how to park their car let alone do an "O" with a paper Canute, including the lane-keeping assist for those who don`t know how to properly align their car while driving on the highway.

What will happen to all those fancy electronic aids when they inevitably fail and it`s time to repair them? I have clear that there`s a good reason why cars that came fully equipped and are 6-10 years old are suspiciously cheap at dealerships, behind it there`s nothing but hell to pay if you want your car to work at 100% again with all of its functions when it was brand new.

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Comments (17)

  • Honestly, IMHO, the old cars are no different. The average car of yesteryear was a miserable, ugly rust bucket that killed you if you hit a mattress at 15 mph and barely had enough power to get out of it's own way. There were great cars back then too, but to compare those greats to the average new car is... Not really great. Compare those greats to cars like the Focus RS, or the GTI Golf.

      8 months ago
  • first hello from a fellow fox!

    and i definetly agree. modern cars aren't just what they were supposed to do.

    i can understand, that yeah comfort and such is awesome. but it comes at the cost of having a real car. one you can feel, and you driving the car, not the car driving you.

    the roughness and character of them sadly went missing. i would always prefer an old timeless classic like the Alpine A110 over a GTR or a mentioned I8

      8 months ago
    • I`m a husky tho haha.

      Honestly... If we managed to make environmentally friendly cars that had a nice looking interior, a good performance in par with it`s price It would be actually good.

        8 months ago
  • Definitely agree

      8 months ago
  • I never really feel connected to newer cars.. Mostly cause they all kinda look the same? And all the new E-Stuff..... Why are they somehow unable to create a electric car that actually looks like a NORMAL CAR??

      8 months ago
  • I noticed that most of the people (including me) start to like a particular car a couple of years after it comes out on the market. I think we always need to get used with its look and feel.

      8 months ago