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Why I Don't Drink Alcohol - Even At University:

A mediocre column about a rare travesty.

I normally think of a dozen similes and metaphors to add colour to my articles, but this time around, it's going to be a paragon of facts, thoughts and maybe the occasional secret:

Ever since I started studying Journalism at the University of Lincoln a couple months back, I've been asked many times why I don't drink the intriguing substance, that is alcohol. The question floats around every time I go to a bar, or attend someone's "pres" (basically organised chaos before the actual event...)

I often have a hard time thinking of explaining why, to be frank. The conversation always tends to finish with either a bitter "it's not my kind of thing." or a "I have to be up early tomorrow" - which I find pretty embarrassing, now I look back at it.

Nevertheless, there's quite a few reasons why I don't go near the stuff, and coming up now are exactly those;

I Like Driving:

One day, I WILL have a BMW E9 in my life!

One day, I WILL have a BMW E9 in my life!

Simple as, really; it's illegal to drink while behind the wheel, and because I enjoy cruising through various places at sunrise, I don't ever see the need to consume a beverage.

If you check out my profile on this site, you'll see that I (well, my family) own a couple of German old-timers: a 1985 Mercedes 230E and a 1998 BMW 323i convertible.

Both of which I've driven (though, I always find myself in the Merc more), and I always wonder why such machines built for masses put a huge smile on my face every time I turn the key. It's such a joy!

So, my mindset has always been simple in that respect: if you drink, there'll be no drive time!

"But wait", you ask? "Didn't you say you were at university?" "You don't even have remote access to car-related stuff there!" "Your reasons are pretty shit, Aaron."

Yes, I agree. But I haven't finished yet, so please care to read on!

I Like To Keep (Somewhat) Healthy:

Pretty much my favourite meal...

Pretty much my favourite meal...

One of my aims for life at Uni was to keep myself on a respectable, healthy diet. I wanted to steer myself away from junk like McDonald's or KFC, and focus on more self-satisfying things like cooking up a lovely, Tuscany-style Spaghetti Bolognese and experiment with similar recipes that those in the hills of Nepal stir up.

Precisely because of this, alcohol was always going to stay off the agenda for me. I've heard way too many stories of people developing diseases and cancer due to the stuff, and I'm just keen on maintaining myself properly.

I'm not joking, there's a Maccies a few feet away from my apartment, and I've not been through those doors once since I've been here! Shocking, isn't it? But I somehow manage to resist.

Mind you, I say 'somewhat healthy' because I do break the diet occasionally. But only in the form of drinking Diet Coke at pre sessions or lemonade at clubs - stuff like that.

Sugary stuff, I'm guilty of too. I keep saying to myself that I could have pears instead of that huge bar of dark chocolate. But I've gone for the latter too many times...

I Hate The Taste Of It:

So many options - but not for me.

So many options - but not for me.

This bit is going to be stupidly invalid, but really, it's just a matter of personal opinion. And yes, I know there's like 200 billion different makes and brand of alcohol out there.

But in all honestly, I think it tastes awful. When I was younger, I had glasses of champagne at formal weddings and so on, and each time a groom or best man was standing up, I wondered why the hell people binge this stuff? It tastes dry, but like a deformed, out-of-date peach.

I almost choked on Fosters after that, my God was that a disgrace for the tongue! But after not quite understanding why it appeals to everyone, I stuck to my humble coffees and cocktails instead.

I understand that alcohol can change your behaviour (and perhaps make things more fun), but I'd rather keep myself sober.

But don't think for a second that I'm the boring one: Trust me, give me a decent playlist and a hyped club, and I'm a party f*cking animal! There's been plenty of nights here at Uni where I've had a great time without sipping alcohol once. It is possible, and I proved it to myself.

Thanks For Reading

So, that was my wee article on why I don't drink alcohol.

I know this is strictly a car website, but I wanted to get my thoughts out there and answer a question which I've been asked SO many times over the past 2 months - especially by fellow course-mates.

I hope you enjoyed it :)

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Comments (4)

  • Great write up. You don’t have to justify yourself as the driving passion is far more thrilling than a few drinks. I too rarely drink but I’m 47 and can’t cope with a hangover anymore. As for Mcpoison I tried it once but there’s a world of far more enticing foods out there.

      2 years ago
    • Thank you. And yeah, you could be boring and get fast foods all the time, or you could try different things and discover new restaurants etc. Appeals to me so much

        2 years ago
  • Even my muslim "cousin in-law"? drinks more than you lol.

      2 years ago
  • That's fantastic man, and well written!

      2 years ago