- This looks sick. And you know it.

    Why I feel this hate of the 911 is unwarranted

    C'mon. Just cause it had humble beginnings doesn't mean it's defined by that!

    5w ago


    Defining people on where they come from isn't good. I'll give the unusual example of 'The human calculator' Shakuntala Devi. She was from a poor village in India. Yet she didn't let herself be defined by that and worked her way to the top. Her brain helped too. She was the former record holder of the most digits of pi recited from memory. She could calculate sums and crunch numbers with ferocity and speed unlike any others. She's a pretty damn cool woman!

    Sure she was stereotyped and dismissed in places due to her background.

    That's what y'all are doing with the Porsche 911

    Just because once upon a time it was based off a beetle doesn't mean It'S aN oVeRpRiCeD bEeTlE. In the real world a Turbo S would probably decimate a 488 or Huracan on a dusty wet B road. Buy the GT3RS or GT2RS trims and they'll destroy all on track as well. They'll embarrass supercars. The GT3RS makes a spectacular noise imo while doing it too (nothing quite like a high-revving flat-six for me!). Many critisize Porsche for not having the 'soul' of their Italian supercar equivalents. And I can't really argue. The 911 is way too slick to have a personality that you could compare to a human. The 911 is cheaper and gives you at least moderate usability, great driving thrills, plenty of motorsport pedigree and gives off far less of an 'I'm a rich knob, look at my flashy Lambo!' vibe ,although wraps can easily change that

    So I'd say the Porsche is similar to the Golf GTi in the hot hatch market. Except it's almost as slick and has more than enough power to compete with the rest of it's class

    Not the most usable seats-but you could use it as extra luggage space I guess?

    Not the most usable seats-but you could use it as extra luggage space I guess?

    So yeah. Stop characterizing it from what it came from and characterize it by what it's become. And that's the unrivalled king of sports cars, offering a driving experience, usability and tradition and heritage that not many other sports cars can offer. Buy a turbo and go higher and you'll be destroying supercars from B roads to the Nordschleife. And oh, buy the GT trims and you get a MASSIVE wang. What's not to like?

    P.S I just talked about the 911 here so Ima have to change the title

    How exactly is this ugly?

    How exactly is this ugly?

    As usual, don't agree then fight me in the comments. Be advised though, being a Porsche fan I will defend it voraciously.

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    • C'mon,I love Porsche as much as Lambo!!

        1 month ago
    • Sorry I messed up some spellings like Critisize there but It is 12.03 here and I'm pretty sleepy so yh

        1 month ago
    • Those idiots just blindly take Clarkson's quotes as holy bible. Nothing to worry about.

        1 month ago
    • Engine is still in the worst place imaginable..

      But, by no means bad, I'll take it over any other sportscar maker out there, but I know by experience the Cayman is the better car to drive, being mid-engined.

        1 month ago
      • They're not changing the engine position any time soon. Rear engined is just how a 911 is and always will be as long as they use an ICE. From what I've heard the Cayman has a superior chassis. But I'd only drive the GT4 because the rest sound, in...

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          1 month ago
      • I know, and Porsche has done a great job ironing out that conceptual flaw. The trouble with the Cayman is that, even with its superior layout, will not be allowed to outperform the 911.

        Which is said really, it's like running with the old...

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          1 month ago
    • I mean I love both Porsche and Ferrari a lot but call them Beetle and Fiat respectively just for the giggles 😂😂

        1 month ago


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