Why I fell in love with the Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival, an event such unique and different in the classic meetings panorama...

Yesterday ended the 2021 edition of the Goodwood Revival one of the most prominent events in the panorama of historical re-enactments and all of Motorsport in general.

I have been following the event remotely for almost 2 years now thanks to streaming and post and every year that passes I am increasingly convinced of the uniqueness and beauty of this event. But what in detail pushes me to give these judgments; all in all I'm just a guy who watches an event that has never been (thanks COVID) through a screen.

Goodwood Press & Media

Goodwood Press & Media

First of all, it is the principles that guide the organization of the event that impressed me. The desire to pay homage with a whole weekend of competitions and events to the work of thousands of people who at the time produced these jewels of fire engineer and innovation without perhaps expecting in any way to remain impressed in such an indelible way in the future time.

What comes from the past always evokes some kind of emotions for me and above all, cars can enclose within them a piece of time in which they were built and designed, making it breathe to all those who years later contemplate its forms.

Simply the sight of seeing a platoon of small Morris Mini squabbling on the track or the feeling dispersed in the countryside in the distance the roar of ancient coloured pre-war single-seaters of the most classic of the British racing green, I think can not have equal today.

Goodwood Press & Media

Goodwood Press & Media

In addition to the cars, the atmosphere and the place where the event takes place have also struck me so deeply. A circuit like that of Goodwood - active in competitions from 1947 to 1966 - is almost unique in the European panorama, the track despite the update of all modern safety parameters still retains the perimeter and appearance of an airbase, from which - as almost all the tracks on the other side of the sleeve - originates.

The crowning achievement of this event - and my praise - must be sought and found in the wise choice of wanting to emulate through clothing, infrastructure, marketing boards etc. a time now gone where the frenzy and the continuous movement of a globalized world like the present one were put aside for the good of all.

With the wish to be able to tell you soon live emotions and feelings, see you 2021 Goodwood Revival, it was a blast...

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