- A quick rant about buses

Why I hate buses

We are all on drivetribe because we yearn to drive cars and most of us have a dislike towards buses. Here’s why I hate buses.

7w ago

The loud people

I am currently on a bus with a yob sitting at the back blaring their awful music. Anyone who plays any music on a bus is annoying to say the least. Is it really that hard to buy a pair of headphones or earplugs, or just spend 10 or 20 minutes without music?

Other loud people include the drunk people. I was on a bus a few days ago after my interview and 3 or 4 drunk, racist, chavs entered the bus and started using certain words that cannot be used and said “Why are they allowed on the bus before us?” This shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere but let alone in public. Absolutely abhorrent.

The dirt

I haven’t been on a clean bus in a while. Not since they released the brand new platinum buses in my home city. This was a few years ago. They all have a can or bottle rolling around the floor, stick floors from the drink itself and never mind the sides of a seat 🤢 In some scenarios I’ve even come across urine, half eaten KFC and much worse.


This point is quite different to the others but I absolutely hate it when a bus is delayed or late. I have found that this is most times. I have been late to school countless times due to a bus coming late or not following the schedule.

Honourable mentions

1. People “cough” procreating“ on the bus

2. Smoking/vaping

3. People who delay buses by not paying tickets and will not pay or get off

4. They also slow down car drivers as they aren’t exactly Bugattis

Closing remarks

Most of the times a bus is bearable but cars a better. I do not want to disrespect bus drivers because they do play an important role in the economy but the second I can drive, I am saying goodbye to buses forever!

What bad experiences have you had on buses?

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Comments (35)

  • Holy hell wait till you experience american busses. Boy you are in for a ride

      1 month ago
  • Our buses are cleaned from things like sticky floors and loose shit but that's it

    They're usually not much delayed but most trajects takes longer than car and some even than cycling

    I prefer the train when it's not busy

      1 month ago
    • Says the one who lives in Drenthe. Imagine living in the randstad

        1 month ago
    • I don't live in Drenthe

      I live in the Netherlands, Drenthe isn't the Netherlands

        1 month ago
  • It's a shame in my opinion, as if we all used Buses and trains in cities we'd cut emissions massively.

      1 month ago
  • "People 'cough' procreating“ on the bus"


      1 month ago
  • I actually like buses here in Canada but the school buses are complete shit

      1 month ago