W​hy I hate mods more than anything.

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T​he Beginnings

E​ver since I was a young boy... nine... I have hated modded cars. It just defeats the purpose of motor cars. I mean, come on, when will you put all that (Honda pictured above) into any sort of race, and win? No, seriously, when will you see a car looking like that not get killed in a drag race... I'm waiting. The mere fact that the monumental idiots that are young adults today, and feel the need to have any sort of connection to grossly modified Honda Civics just grosses me out.

I​ mean, just stop. You aren't impressing anyone

D​on't end up like this.

S​houtout to the 90's, all of your Miata's that you felt the need to have end up like the one pictured above, is not doing any good to people's eyes. Mine are bleeding. When you ship your car to have it "made better" by someone for the amount of money that is equivalent to a Mustang GT 5.0 just isn't worth it. I have never, ever been impressed by these mods. Unless your car actually got tuned by someone that knows what their doing, and actually MAKES THE CAR BETTER, don't do it.

M​mods don't even add any sort of value, so its just depreciaton. Even if you crash your modded car because your 12 foot long splitter is in the way, insurance doesn't even cover it, so why bother. If you can't even park your car in a garage because it's too low, your taped on spoiler is in the way, you have a problem.

I​t can be illegal

I​n states such as California, if your obnoxiously, throaty engine roars are too loud, you can get a ticket, and be fined hundreds of dollars. In the end, it isn't worth it.

A​s it turns out, there are over ten common, yet illegal car modifications:

-​Radar detectors. Most stated prohibit the use of these in commercial vehicles.

-​Loud exhaust, already mentioned.

-​Bro trucks. These are trucks that look, "like a bad ass in his big lifted truck. He has big, usually chrome (not ot be confused with polished) wheels."


-​Under neon lights. You saw that right. Whenever you feel down, just remember someone is putting neon lights under their Honda Civic or Chevrolet Covair

-​Emissions removed

-​Super dark tint

E​tc, etc. There are people, sorry, morons who are doing those things despite the fact that they are illegal.

W​hat no one tells you

"You have a DIY all lined up, your toolbox is open and organized, your car is on jack stands, and you have some music playing or Netflix providing background noise like a friend who enjoys looking at your butt crack and hearing you invent new swear words. Everything’s going smoothly and then something happens. Maybe, something is stuck, or doesn’t fit right or worse yet, something’s completely missing. What should have been a two hour job turns into a weekend of not sleeping, being dirty, and having your car rip your knuckles up like it’s personally trying to harm you. This is inevitable, it will happen."

T​hat is the scene of the unavoidable failure that is destined to happen. Besides failure, there is the cost. Not the sheer waste of time and regret that is in your head, but the dollars, pounds, euros, yen. Whatever you call it, you aren't gonna have a whole ton left over after you're finished with your car. If you just are contemplating purchasing a lowering kit, you're gonna want to read this. Even if it's not just the springs, but the whole kit, it's a hassle. You think highly of your move, you get it installed, yay, and then promptly cruise the forums and scour threads for potential opportunities to brag about your new ride height. You feel on top of the world, and very cool. But something happens. Disaster strikes, you find out you need additional components to maintain suspension geometry, “it’s not so bad” you think, still feeling proud. You find the part, scroll down for the price. It’s $1000. This is the exact moment when you feel like you’ve been punched in the balls. It's not just the cost, but the maintenance too. It's awful.

T​he addiction

N​ow, no one tells you this too, but this is special. It's what you probably don't know. If you mod your car by yourself, you'd feel great. But your hands will be covered in dirt sweat and oil. You are cold an tired, and decide to go into the kitchen to get a cold and crispy Coors Light (not an endorsement). You see the clock on your microwave; "3:00 A.M.". You are so close to finishing it, but you want more. You want to finish your project, even if it is all the way until the morning paper hits your door. Welcome to the club. The club of addiction. You want to do more, more and more and more. Soon all you think of is the potential mods. The pros and cons and cost. Whether you are tossing and turning in your bed, or 90 per cent daydreaming, it's soon going to be all you think of.

T​he moral.

E​ven if it's just a Widebody kit, just think of the outcome. It will be a waste of time and money, so consider other options.

T​hanks for reading!

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  • Those two pictures made me feel like someone gouged my eyes out.

    14 days ago
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  • Lately see more and more Chevy Cruze’s with shitty mods like the one on the picture.

    14 days ago
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