Why i hate ricers

Why do people rice cars? Yes, I get the fact that they want to be unique, but being a fork at a soup kitchen is not helping!

This is blasphemy

A car comes out of the factory expecting to be loved and nurtured with regular oil changes and occasional thrashing; not fiberglass body parts, orange soda paint, useless body enhancements, and exhausts that sounds like a farting competition with the machans (mates). Now, here's why i hate ricers: THEY DON'T LOVE THEIR CARS! if they really do love their cars, they would stay away from expensive and useless body modifications and maybe concentrate on keeping the car well serviced. Heck, LS swap this car and get rid of every body panel, I guarantee you, this car would've looked and performed 1000 times better that way.

Does that even work?

Come to think of it, are they trying to compensate for something they lack?