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Why I haven't been posting lately

A short apology by me

As you might be able to see, I haven't been posting lately, especially on the rating programme. I am sorry for this, but I have my reasons.

My main reasons

I've been working on other stuff lately, such as my company. I am building a new company right now, still in the concept design stage. I also have some article projects that I am working on, as listed down here:

1. A car company guide: how to excel your DriveTribe car brand easily, according to my experiences: feat. Sovereign. This will take maybe another week to finish.

2. A formal, official debut: HB Automotive AG: what it is and what brands we have. This can also take a week or so.

3. A showcase: Shanghai Auto Show: Some highlights. I've taken a bunch of delightful pictures, its not the first on my list so expect it in another few weeks.

4. Car and DriveTribe Spring edition: Takes a decent amount of time. Expect it in a few weeks.

What also I am working on: Pretty or Pretty ugly

I've taken this moment to acknowledge my post from before, a poll for what should I do next. Here it is:

You can still vote for it by the way. The results now is Pretty or Pretty Ugly. I'll start this next week, as a weekly post. Comment down below what cars should I review about on their performance, looks, and all other stuff. Thanks!


Now for some polls.

Just one though. Can't think of anything else, but this. LEAKS

Final Draft

Final Draft

Thanks for reading, and I hope you accept my apology!

Comment down below the two cars you want me to review next week! Goodbye!

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