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Why I Like Old 911's.

I have a bit of an obsession.

2y ago

Most people seem to like an old 911. Even if they aren't their favourite cars, they can appreciate them hugely. For me there is something about that small classic shape that looks... well, just right. I'm talking about early cars. Being a young lad, I can't say I remember old 911''s in their hay day. In fact when I was growing up the 996 was basically out of date (I realise that makes some people reading this seem fairly old). I like the "resto mod" type stuff. The old cars that have been given a new life but still maintain that patina of age.

I've always been interested in Porsche. I liked the way the cars seemed like they'd been designed for people to drive, to get a satisfaction from using the controls and going fast. Then I watched the famous Urban Outlaw documentary with a chap called Magnus Walker. I think I will always feel a connection to people like Magnus because of their authenticity. People like him seem to just know what to do to achieve their goals. He's an inspiring bloke and if you haven't seen the Urban Outlaw documentary, you must live under a rock.

Image by comexvisuals.com at the Ace Cafe London.

Image by comexvisuals.com at the Ace Cafe London.

The perfect car to me is something that isn't pristine or brand new. A car that you can get in and you can drive right up to its limit. I think that's what appeals to me about an old 911 as Magnus says in his film, your 911 is like an old pair of shoes that fit perfectly. If you have a car for long enough it becomes a part of you and I love that.

image by comexvisuals.com

image by comexvisuals.com

I must confess I have never driven an old 911. How on earth can I say they are my favourite cars then? To be honest I don't know. Recently I came so close to being able to drive one that I could actually smell it (that grey 1982 restoration by Rennsport you see in the top image). Sadly being only 21 and living in the UK, the insurance was simply impossible. One day I'm sure I'll get a drive in my dream car I just really hope it's not a case of don't meet your heroes. Somehow though, I know deep down it won't be.

Don't get me wrong, I like all cars but we all have a favourite and for me it's Porsche.

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  • I have owned over a hundred 911's in my day some very very rare and others 72 "T"'s or 73 E's. Favourite was a 73 sunroof coupe with every option in the book.

    Took a 73 and shoe'd in a 3.2 when they came out in 84,That was an awesome daily driver.

      2 years ago
    • That’s amazing Joe. Great to hear. Hopefully one day I’ll have a car buying portfolio like that!

        2 years ago