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As a tall person who as has a lot of “legs” as some people like to say, leg room in cars especially in the back is often minute. I normally end up with my legs bent at right angle with my knees up to my chin so every time I open my mouth to say something and we go over a bump, my tongue is bitten off.

However tall and long-legged people there is a car for us and your probably now expecting me say something like ‘The Rolls Royce Phantom, or the Lincoln Town Car Limousine, however it’s not the car that you’d expect – it’s a lot cheaper and more common than you’d expect


In a group of friends only one of us drives – the driver has a Vauxhall Meriva. I’m sure you’re aware if you read my articles I am a big fan of Vauxhall's. So I approached this car with an open mind as I have never been in one at all, and I was pleasantly surprised – especially by the amount of leg room.

In this group of friends, we are all quite tall with a lot of ‘leg’ (luckily I have the most leg, so I shotgun shotgun) so when it came to fitting in we were all a bit nervous about the cramp space however it wasn’t cramp at all, there was plenty of room.

The Meriva is like the Tardis – it looks quite small and ugly on the outside, however when you enter the car there is so much space, you don’t know what to do with it all!!!

The car also has a good ride as well, even in the back (I was once forced to sit in the back, however with all the room it was ok.

In my opinion there are 2 areas that could improve the Meriva:

1. The Dials e.g. Speedometer and Rev counter look very old – I think they were taken out of the Mk3 Astra or Mk1 Vectra. They look very outdated and old, which doesn’t match the feeling of the car.

2. The boot is very small. Like the Citroen C3 Picasso, where there is more space in the car, the boot space is limited.

Overall the Meriva is a great car and very spacious, if you want a good, cheap city run around, with great visibility and a lot of room you can very easily and cheaply pick up a Meriva. It is car that I would certainly recommend.

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