Why I love Land Rovers

2y ago


His name was Richard J. Barron. He was a veteran, an engineer. He was a strong man, a gentle man. He was my friend and my father. And I loved him with all my heart.

He cared little for physical possessions, but he loved his Land Rovers.

When I was little, I rode next to him in a Series II and then a IIa.
When I was a teenager, he handed me the keys and helped me believe I truly could be anything I wanted to be, go anywhere I wanted to go.

When I was in my 30s, we lost him, slowly and agonizingly, to Alzheimer’s.

The Land Rovers had gone by then too.

But they came back when I was in my 40s, and the first time I sat in the 2002 Discovery that would be mine, it was as though my father was right there with me, his love, his strength, his belief.

Like he was saying, “Remember duck, I love you, I’m with you, and anywhere is possible.”

And that’s why I love Land Rovers.