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Why I Love Pagani

Pagani, in my opinion, deserves the same amount of attention as bigger supercar brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Here's why:

46w ago

Pagani is one of my favourite car brands of all time. The crazy shapes, insane speed, and let's not forget that sound. All qualities we look for in a hypercar, but this isn't the only manufacturer to provide cars like this. Companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini have been blessing us with supercars like this for decades, what makes Pagani special?

Well for a start, Pagani still seems to have that exclusive vibe. I'm a big car guy living in the UK, I've seen Ferrari's before, I've seen Lamborghini's before. I have never seen a Pagani in the flesh. This might seem like a negative thing, but I actually like the thought of a car I can only dream about seeing, nevermind getting into.

Secondly, as previously mentioned, the crazy styling. The Zonda makes a clear statement, it was made to go faster than anything else that dares to challenge it. Then the Huayra, even though it looks tame next to the all-out race car Zonda, look closer and you'll find that it's not tamer, just refined. The race car still lives within the Huayra, with its active aerodynamics and "carbotanium" pannels, this is a performance-focused machine.

Active Aero of the Huayra, from Top Gear Magazine

Active Aero of the Huayra, from Top Gear Magazine

Finally, in the words of Richard Hammond, Pagani has managed to keep their innocence. Ferrari sells more merchandise than cars and Lamborghini have been bought over by Audi. Pagani on the other hand, they make fast cars, cars with character. Where Ferrari and Lamborghini were in the 80s, Pagani are now and would love nothing more than to be on a child's bedroom poster, and because of that, I hope they never change.

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