Why i love the disco volante

It's been 2 years since I first saw in real life my first Alfa Romeo Disco volante by Touring Superleggera, during the first edition of a new Concours d'Elegance in Chantilly, France (lots of first, indeed). And it immediately caught my attention. And my heart.

Beauty and the B ...eauty

After the show, I had the opportunity to meet the head of design, Louis de Fabribeckers, who studied in my home town. We talked about the car itself, its sound.

Few weeks after, I received an email from him. He wanted to get the photos of the Disco Volante in HD to put on the "Wall of Fame". As a "payback", he invited me and some friends to visit their workshop. Such an opportunity can't be refused when you are nuts about italian car and culture ! So here we go, to the airport !

Home sweet home

The Man behind the pencil

That was such a great trip ! This guy (Louis) is so cool and crazy about cars. He loves sharing his passion with other people.

Such ass, much wow, reflection !

Few months later, I crossed the road of the same Disco Volante (for the third time) in Brussels, during the annual Motorshow, and another time when it was on display in the Autoworld Museum.

Family portrait

After 2 years of hunting this car, finally : another one. And another one. Not one but 2 Disco Volante (one Spyder and one Coupe) appeared during the Zoute Grand Prix event in Knokke Heist, a very nice week-end event.

Double trouble

During the Sunday, I took my time to have a closer look at these 2 beauties. And I was surprising myself checking every single detail, every single curve of each car, paying attention to the main body lines. Actually, I was in front of my new favourite modern car. I already enjoyed the lines when I watched the photo I took from above thanks to a ladder (you can see it in this article).

Details everywhere

At the end, I had the chance, not only to discuss again with Louis de Fabribeckers, but to realise a dream : I could get behind the wheel. I did not drive it, but I discovered the work inside the car, and once again, I was amazed by the details everywhere (the LED logo on the seats, the dashboard). I also discovered the car had a roof (kind of targa, split in 2), and Louis told us how difficult it was to create it (remember it is based on an 8C Spider).

Me, trying to hide my happiness

That's it : the best sounding italian V8, inside of the best looking modern car. What else ?

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  • Never had the chance to see this car in real life, but it is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! ART ON WHEELS! I hope to see one at the 'Best of Italy Race' in september. Thanks for sharing such an epic moment! Nice pictures by the way. Please notify me when one of the cars will be present at a carshow or 'Concours d' Elegance'.

    2 years ago
  • great article!

    2 years ago


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