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Why i love the Honda E:
Now, if you haven't seen one of my previous posts on why i don't like electric cars, i said that i don't like them due to there being nothing for a petrolhead like me and that car mechanics will not earn as much money as electric cars go wrong less which is good but not very good for car mechanics. However, this Honda is an electric car that i quite like... But not for reasons you may expect. I like it for it's visual appearance and how it is very different to anything on the road. Now before i start, i must explain that this Honda E is meant to be used only in urban environments like cities. Now, let's actually start looking at the car. Starting with the exterior design. And as you can see, it is very reminiscent of the 1st generation Volkswagen Golf and 1st generation Honda Civic. Personally i love the looks. It is very cute and futuristic. The E comes in 5 different colours. White, blue, highlighter yellow, grey and black. Personally the white is my favourite. As you can see, the E does not have conventional door mirrors, no no no, they are way too old fashioned today. The Honda E has cameras. The Audi E-Tron has cameras as well for door mirrors but they stick out more than the rest of the car so they are more prone to be hit and they will not be cheap to repair. Plus on the Audi the screens are quite low down so it doesn't feel as natural looking so low down. However, on the Honda's rear arches stick out more than the cameras which means you are less prone to hitting them of something. Moving on to the interior. And the main party piece is that it has screens stretching across the whole dash. You also have the fake wood which i quite like and it is very techy on the inside. However, in terms of practicality... Yeah, it's not great. The rear seats is good for a child but for adults. And the boot is microscopic. Only 177l. But i still love it. Now going on to yhe topic of numbers. You can get the Honda E with 134hp or 152hp. 0-62mph/0-100kph in 8.3 or 9 seconds depending on which power option yoj go for. It has 237 lb ft of torque. It is RWD and has a 50:50 weight distribution. It can do 137 miles (claimed) or 127 if yoh go for the optional 17 inch alloy wheels. The E is actually quite heavy as well, 1,500kg.It has a 35.5 kWh battery and can charge at maximum 100 kW charger and can be charged in a claimed 30 mins with a DC charger. Prices start at £26,160 to £28,660 and if you like in the UK you get a £3,500 government grant. One cool thing about the Honda E is that the turning circle is 4.3m. A London black cab does it in about 8m. In terms of safety, the Honda E has AEB, ACC, lane keep assist snd auto high beam. Those are some of the reasons for why i love the Honda E. It looks good and it is tech filled. It represents what Japanese cars are really about. Quirky and techy.

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