Why I love the Kingsman car chase more than any Bond film

Bond has got nothing on our Eggsy

2y ago

James Bond has always had the limelight when it comes to Spy films with high-end fight scenes and car chases. Time to move over Mr Bond, there is a new kid on the block.

Kingsman is based on a comic book series which shares similarities to the famous 007 style but turns it up to 11. If you thought Moonraker was silly with the space fight, then you really need to watch Kingsman. Now with two films already available for your eyes only - you see what I did there? - I want to talk about why this scene, from Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is better than any fight or chase from the Bond Films.

It has the best of both worlds.

Setting the scene...

In a quick nutshell, it starts with the hero - Eggsy - leaving the Kingsman 'shop' in London. Evil henchman Charlie (former Kingsman try-out) asks him kindly - with the aid of a golden pistol - to get into the Kingsman's own taxi. A fight breaks out as the person taxi driver makes a break from the evil, white Jaguar F-paces.

As the fight goes on, the poison blade tip from Eggsy's shoe breaks off and kills the driver, causing them to crash. After that, the outrageous fight scene looks so boring compared to the car chase that ensues. Of course, the taxi is no normal taxi. Oh no, Kingsman has its fair share of Q branch - creating a drifting, high-revving taxi. Please do watch the whole YouTube clip from the Film, it is worth all 9 minutes, 43 seconds of your time. It may look silly but it makes Bond look weak and dull.

Why its better than Bond

That whole scene from start to finish is great. It may look ridiculous but spy films should be. Bond is now very gritty and dark, whereas Kingsman takes the piss at any time it can. This fight and car chase are one of those moments, yet it is so well executed, you don't care how silly it is.

Sure, the cars are nothing special - it's a London black cab and 3 white Jaguar SUVs - but it's how they are used and how they have made them different.

The F-Paces are all full of henchmen with massive, Gatling machine guns on top - just like the Dillon Tactical Vehicle - looks normal until that gun pops up. Apart from the sporty suspension and all having the 5.0 litre V8 for the power. Your average henchman has a higher rate of survival in one of these, life is only in peril when a homing missile hits - which in this case, it does... Oops.

With the Cab though, that is a different kettle of fish. Like a standard Kingsman spy vehicle, it is kitted out with some interesting features: Drift stick, tuned race engine, funky alloys, submarine mode and hidden pistols right next to the drinks cabinet... the list goes on.

And yet, it is still a London black cab, it's not an Aston Martin that cost ยฃ1 Million that attracts the ladies, that is not what Kingsman is about. They have these cabs tuned and set up for usefulness, not just flashiness. Kingsman may look like a bunch of posh, upper-class boys with a lot of toys but they are way more invested than Bond is: less shaken, not stirred and more let's save the world - here have a suitcase which is also a machine gun and a shield.

And that is why I love Kingsman than The Bond franchise.

It is so much more fun. I love that long drift. Weeeeee!




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Comments (7)

  • They need a DB5 kingsman taxi next something classic like a old Austin FX4 with a big v8 engine in it. That would be cool.

      2 years ago
  • Yes far better than Bond Emma thoroughly enjoyable

      2 years ago
  • an amazing Chase scene, agreed. but not a very good movie. I mean, they basicly just chickend out and just revived a Charakter that they killed of in the last movie. But still, Chase get's 8/10. needs more Gymkhana.

      2 years ago
  • I really REALLY need a gif feature on Drivetribe so I can post the #triggered gif.

    I love kingsman (although 1 was better than 2) and I love Bond.

    The car chase was very entertaining in Kingsman but its sooooo fake and CGI and theres a million and one things wrong with it and the continuity isnt good. Kingsmans chase scene is porridge with some sugar in it. Bonds chase scene (The one in Quantum of Solace) is high fibre porridge, cultivated in a laboratory in sweden with cherries, cinnamon and warmed up in the breast milk of the goddess athena herself.

    But in terms of keeping the audience entertained I would say yeah they're about the same, Kingsman got more of a reaction out of people which I think is great :D

      2 years ago
    • And that's why I like Kingsman more, I don't want cultivated porridge with cherries and weird milk. I want porridge to be proper like the Scottish would have it - just oats, milk and maybe some golden syrup... maybe battered too. The...

      Read more
        2 years ago