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Why I love Vauxhalls most hated Astra.

My love of the black sheep of the Astra family

1y ago

Vauxhall Astra H Twintop (Owned 2)

Now i know this comes across as a hairdressers car (and you're right) but in all my 35 cars I've owned in my 9 years of driving (I am 28) this is weirdly one that I enjoyed the most and I've owned cars from Subaru Imprezas, BMWS, a 94 NA MX5, a prius but shhh and even a few vans.

The Pros

Now let me go through the good points of owning one of these,

if you get the top spec version which is the exclusiv you will get, you will get keyless entry, keyless start, heated leather seats, AUX connection (big thing then to have) I think 18 inch alloys, MASSIVE boot space even when the roof was down but the biggest party trick was the roof as seen below.

Now the roof for its day was something special a 3 piece roof that folded whilst you was driving (18mph) was amazing for 2007, however this car was not without its faults, in the roof mechanisms it had flaps that spun out which was required for the roof to sit flat however being made of plastic of all things these wore out quickly, luckily someone made a brass version which you could change out which made the roof flawless,

The other annoying thing that Vauxhall did was put the button to raise or lower the roof, was where your interior lights would be so you had to keep your hand in the air, looking like an idiot hoping the roof would go up or down, they could of made it a one press system or put the button on the dash or where the window switches were but no....

You can also hold the unlock button on the key fob but you look like an idiot.

Also this was more of a issue I noticed when driving with the roof up, is when you are on the motorway or at traffic lights you will normally get a car with guys in who will eye up the car and expect to see a pretty female in the drivers seat but no it was my ugly mug, very similar to the typical white fiat 500 scenario


Vauxhall being Vauxhall will be heavy on plastic, however the lack of modern touches keeps you focused on the road, you can switch out the silver trim for piano black versions etc can also put a double din in the centre but nothing special inside.

UK Prices

Being a car of around 10 years old for the 'newest' model, prices float around 500 for one you don't want to risk buying to a mint condition version of 4K, anything 1.5K upwards should be worry free.

I have blanked out the dealership, for personal data

I have blanked out the dealership, for personal data

My reason for loving the ugly duckling

I prefer cars that are less common ( yes i drive a hybrid Yaris now but I live in the ULEZ of London ) and in the UK the Astra is more common than the corona virus, however when you put the twintop in the mix, people do take a second look and if you do like to do your own thing to your car, there is many options you can go with, a VXR engine swap is possible, VXR front seats etc etc, the normal engine options arent anything to shout about neither is the 'sport' button, but it is a car you can put the roof down and enjoy the weather in even if it is slightly chilly put the heated seats on for best of both worlds.

Would i own another one? Yes i would when i leave London which could be in the next year or so due to my work with the military as my job requires me to move every 2-3 years.

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  • My dad has the normal hatchback of this generation. Even the meeger 1.6 felt “peppy”, especially compared to our current affair

      11 months ago
  • Opel/Vauxhall has been in the centre of VAG haters attention for decades, also GM is a star in not grasping that people do not like badge engineered mediocrity, and buy something else when they get the chance. They killed Saab and I'll hate GM forever for that, I hope the company croaks.

    That being said, the bad name Opel/Vauxhall got isn't always deserved. This was a very nice car, they should have made a Saab version of it, but it looks quite nice, like the Opel GT, and the Tigra Twin Top (my sis has one) they are pretty decent. But that's not enough these days.

      1 year ago
    • I did like the old Saabs but when top gear did the Saab episode i can understand why they did it, if anything i thought volvo would of revived it.

      I think with this Astra for the time it was made it was very under rated i wish they made a VXR version...

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        1 year ago
    • Don't get me wrong, I had three GM era Saabs, and those were great too, because the Saab engineers just wouldn't listen to the American bosses. But GM just can't bring anything to the premium level where Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volvo...

      Read more
        1 year ago