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Why I prefer the World Endurance Championship to Formula 1

And why I believe the WEC deserves a bit more credit than it is given

1y ago

F1 is the pinnacle of racing it's long been held. It will be that way until the end of F1 or motorsports itself. So when I decided it was time for me to start following motorsports why did I choose the WEC and WRC (Although I still need to find a place to stream WRC in India without paying)?

I know that I've probably lost a lot of favour among F1 fans but hear me out..

The famous/infamous Mercedes W11 EQ performance

The famous/infamous Mercedes W11 EQ performance

Whereas F1's top step on the podium has been locked by Hamilton, it's a different story in the WEC (Ignore LMP1 and Toyota). In my opinion the GTE-PRO has had some very, very good battles over this season. For examples the 6 hours of Spa, with the 92 Porsche finishing jut seconds ahead of the Aston in second. It was a nail-biting finish, and my phone died halfway through the last lap. Amazing. Thankfully I learned my lesson and decided to watch the 24H of Le Mans on my laptop.

A crash isn't the end

I'm sure many F1 fans have had their moments when their preferred driver is doing really well and outta nowhere completely loses traction and is sent into an embarrasing sBin (looking at one Sebastian Vettel here...). Here the cars are far, FAR more durable than F1 cars, so sending a car into the barriers isn't the end. Limp your car to the pits and get it fixed and you're good to go! Of course this isn't exactly practical with the short duration of F1 races but with the WEC a crash isn't the end for your preferred team. But...

The WEC is far, far more brutal and intimidating

Monaco, Baku. Tough circuits, don't you think? Occasionally very harsh on drivers and one mistake can mean the end. You think that holds a fricking candle to the WEC? In Le Mans this year an AF Corse car (Ferrari GT car but private team) died on the last lap. Imagine completing 23Hrs 59mins of a race and your car dying at the last minute. F1 has at times frustrating times for drivers, but it cannot break you like the WEC, especially Le Mans. It's earned it's rep as the toughest motorsports event out there. In 24 Hours there's a massive amount of things that could go wrong with a car and a lot does.

Not just the car either

Fatigue is a huge part of driving in the WEC. The sheer force on your body as you detonate past 60 faster than an F1 car and stopping as fast, blasting nearly flat out through the Porsche curves. Sure an F1 car pulls more Gs in the corners but how long do they do it for? Nodriver here is going to complain BoNo My TiReS aRe DeAd and set the fastest lap. Serious,serious problems here that could actually result in a massive accident like what happened to Jann Mardenbrough

Strategy is vital

Strategy is just as vital in endurance racing as in F1,and there are far more factors to consider in endurance racing such as engine, transmission , suspension damage and obviously refuelling.

Also the GT cars sound better than F1 cars

If you think otherwise then actually 1v1 me.



In conclusion

It's like comparing a Test match to a Twenty20 in cricket terms. In a T20 there's less focus on keeping your wicket and more focus at going for it every ball. A blast for a few hours. Test matches your wicket is very valuable. You gotta survive everything the bowlers throw at you from 90mph bouncers flying at your head to the toe-crusher to the deadly wrong 'un. You gotta choose exactly which ball off which bowler to attack and use the shot just powerful enough to score that boundary. That sound tough? Multiply that by 2 and that's endurance racing because there's no draw and it's absolutely brutal. It breaks men. Nomatter how tough. It is simply put, a war of atrition, It's humanity against fate, against the odds. It's about engineering as well as driving, but also undeniably a battle against fate. When you climb that top step it's never just because of a higher budget only. It's because of brilliant engineering, brilliant driving and a healthy dose of luck. You've beaten the odds, cheated fate and some may even say beaten God. And that makes that top step of the podium that bit more special for me.

If you disagree comment what you have to say!

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  • I'll start by happily admitting I'm a Mercedes fan so I don't mind their dominance as much as other people might. That being said, I do prefer the races where the racing is a lot closer (even if it's just between two teams for the win). The rest of the pack is relatively tight at the moment and even the back three teams get a good sniff at the points at the moment. I've watched some WEC but still prefer F1 to be honest. I think it's partly to do with the exclusive nature of it and that there's limited seats (not that this always works out as the best drivers getting the seats but hopefully, we're working closer to obtaining that). Then, I also quite appreciate the technological innovation in F1 and whether you love or hate Mercedes, you've got to respect them for that side of things and just blame the other teams for not being able to really challenge them after six years with this set of rules.

    I could go on for quite a while, as I'm sure you can tell ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I enjoy F1 a lot more because it's just got that X-Factor about it which I've not seen yet with any other motorsports.

      1 year ago
    • I'm not sure you can blame other teams because of the astronomical difference in budgets. Except maybe Ferrari. The limited seats is a point I guess. X factor can differ depending on what you're interested in; for me the X-factor is watching...

      Read more
        1 year ago
    • Perhaps not all of them but certainly several of the teams.

      And to plah devil's advocate a little, I'd say your x factor could easily be applied to F1 too.

        1 year ago
  • Because I like comment wars Ima invoke some F1 fans and see what they have to say and lastly someone who did write one F1 themed article but Idk if he's a fan

      1 year ago
  • Formula 1 is still great if you focus on the midfield! Just keeps delivering action race after race. I've stopped caring about Hamilton, Bottas and Max and it's very exciting for 4th.

      1 year ago
  • NO!

    Rally for life ๐Ÿ˜

      11 months ago
    • Fair, the likes of Elfyn Evans, Sebastian Ogier and the like are QUICK on dirt, and competition this season seems really fierce! I am looking to get into rallying but I don't want to pay for WRC+...

        11 months ago
  • Indeed.

    And in WEC tyres can last much longer ๐Ÿ˜›

      1 year ago