why i ride

Once they asked me why I ride.

Once they asked me why I ride.
I told them, I take everything into my stride,
leaving a trail while through life I power slide.
So that others may have a guiding line.
So they too can break free from the grapevine.
This is how I live my life,
unencumbered and free from strife.
Challenges accepted are challenges won,
failure makes things even more fun.
They looked at me all wide eyed,
as I told them why I ride.

~ Nipun Srivastava

Photographs sometimes have a way of touching the innermost chords with their maker and the subject. These are personal pieces of art. They embody much more than just the subject and thought process. These photographs represent the philosophy behind whole existences. Entire life stories in a picture, meanings of entire lifetimes visualized through action and depiction.

Here’s one such image. The rider and I spent close to an hour composing and recomposing this particular photograph. Fading light and a slippery riding surface were two major constraints, this shot could have been better. But like somethings usually are, this image is beautifully imperfect. Enjoy.

The Motorcycle: Royal Enfield Classic 500.

Photographer: Nipun Srivastava.

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