Why I think GT racing is the best kind of racing

So many kinds of racing and I think this one is the best.

There is a lot of racing series in motorsport and yet GT racing is my favorite. let's start with a short explanation about gt racing, GT cars are racecars based on road legal (sports)cars they have always closed wheels and have two seats, they are divided in catogories, gt4, gt3, gte, gt2 and gt1.

mature car manufacturers

In gt racing participate a lot of mature car manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari and BMW. in series like WEC and IMSA the manufacturers have factory cars and customer cars, which means that there's a big variety of cars. in most series, there are only customer cars that are made by the manufacturers and used by the race teams. and it's always cool to see your favorite brands compete with each other.

A lot of diversity in result

Unlike formula 1 there's a big diversity of the winners for example in the current DTM season there were 4 different winners in 4 races. so this means that the battle for the world championship stays interesting until the end.

The drivers

In GT racing there's a big variety in drivers, there are PRO factory driver AM drivers, young drivers, old drivers, talents and pay drivers, in all of those classes there's also a big variety in the talent the driver has. most of the drivers have a lot of talent and provide the viewers some good racing. in most of the series the drivers dare each other really good which provides wheel to wheel racing.

a lot to choose from

there are a lot of kinds of gt racing, there are sprint races and endurance races with different times. a lot of cars and a lot of classes. there's something for everyone do you like a short race with a lot of young drivers with talent watch Porsche Supercup or GT4.

do you like racing with drivers with a lot of talent and experience watch GT3 series like DTM and the GT world challenge. the pinnacle of gt racing is the GTE championships like WEC and IMSA which includes some legendary racetracks like Le Mans and Daytona and the biggest manufacturers participate in it

Still not convinced watch this video from Le Mans 2018

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Comments (9)

  • I agree 100%

      1 month ago
  • I wish I watched IMSA/WEC during 2016-2019. That Ford GT is just such a dream. Shame that GTLM/E might die soon.

      1 month ago
  • I actually agree

      1 month ago
  • I love it because of the cars. I may not be able to afford them, but at least I can see them in the street, unlike F1 or Endurance.

      1 month ago
  • You know what?

    I agree

      1 month ago