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Why I think the 2021 F1 Season will be worse than a nativity play

Why? The list is longer than the wait for Mercedes Domination to end

50w ago

1. Nikita Mazepin outrage

If fans are allowed into races, which they probably will be in some places, you can be sure Nikita Mazepin will be ambushed every 5 seconds. Why? I ain't covering that. If there was no covid, I'd have expected protest esque of Bahrain 2012 forcing for his dismission. Unfortunately Haas are not rich...Soooooo everywhere Nikita goes he will find people annoying him. Am I sorry for him? Hell no. I'd rather be freinds with Alessio Delleda than meet this guy. Probably because he'll punch me, and delete his apology. If you look at F1 Twitter, All I see is #Mazepout. So if we add his inevitably mediocre driving, squeezing drivers off and him being an asshole, 2021 is not set to be good.

And I haven't even got to Jeddah

Formula 1 will race at a track which hasn't had it's layout decided yet.

The Fuck All Human Rights Grand Prix will take place in Saudi Arabia, in 2021 in the city of Jeddah. Not to many happy people like Saudi Arabia..Because you know, human rights are unimportant when the ruler needs dinner. Bahrain 2012 again comes up..Because I forsee massive protests. Yay. And it isn't even the french this time. As a city circuit it's gonna be like Monaco...With History replaced by War History...and a good vibe replaced by a worse vibe than F1 2020. And the crowds by military. Can we just kick this out F1..Pls

Mercedes Dominate again and Russell fans hopes put to the side

Hamilton gets announced to Merc, They're still OP and they win another championship.


Aaaaand Verstappen who I hope wins.. will just get left in P3.

Or this ages like Fidget Sbinners and we have an amazing title fight between the Red Bull's, Riccairdo and Mercedes.

What can save it?

Well any number of things. A good championship / midfield fight, Mazepin gets voted off as impostor, and jeddah gets cancelled like Vietnam.

But will these happen.

No because....

We race for money

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