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Why i think the Mclaren 720S is the best supercar to buy currently:
The Mclaren 720S is the car that replaced the 650S. The 720S's primary competitor is the Ferrari 488 GTB.
Let's first begin with the performance, because that is one of the key things in a supercar. The Mclaren has a 4.0 twin turbo V8 which produces 710HP and 568lb ft or torque and can sprint from 0-62mph/0-100kph in 2.9 seconds. The Ferrari also has a twin turbo V8 but produces 661BHP and 560lb ft of torque. Already the Mclaren has beaten it's main competitor in the power department
Enough of the Ferrari for a moment and let's talk about the looks on the Mclaren. Personally, i really like it. It has a very aggresive and aerodynamic.
You can get the Mclaren 720S as a spider as well as a coupe. Usually with convertibles they are heavier than their coupe equivalent, this is because you have the folding roof machanism' s and because you have basically taken the roof of the car that means you have taken away a lot of the sttuctural rigidity whicb means you have to add strengthening elsewhere in the car and all this adds weight. However, Mclaren has managed to make sure the spider weighs the same as the coupe. You are probably wondering how so... But sadly i kind of forgot (yeah, well done me). Anyway, ignoring my small-ish mistake, let's move on.
Let's talk about the features you get on the Mclaren 720S. To be honest, you get what you expect on a supercar. You get bluetooth, sat nav, cruise control and a lovely set of digital dials. So it definitely isn't sparse, but one thing no other car has is drift angle control. On the 720S, it gives you an option of any angle. If you pick 35° for example, then the car will drift 35°. But if you don't want to have fun and just set a blindingly fast lap than the Mclaren can do just that. The car has phenomenal amounts of grip. After you have done your lap, yoj will want to drive home in comfort. Luckily, the car has very comfortable ride.
Moving on to stuff a supercar owner probably won't really care about. The price starts from £215,000 for the coupe and £239,000 for the spider. And there is nearly £100,000 worth of extras (mainly carbon parts). And fuel economy is maximum of a claimed 26mpg.
In conclusion, the Mclaren 720S is a brilliant car. It is powerful, comfortable and great fun. What more do you want in a car.

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