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Why I think The ND MX5 is the best car in the world.

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After telling somebody you’re into cars, their natural response seems to be, “What’s your favourite car?” It’s a fair enough question, but in my opinion it’s a difficult one to answer. I think it’s too vague, I like loads of cars, but my favourite car can depend on several things. For example, if I’ve just had a frustrating time in a supermarket car park, I’m unlikely to want a super car, a bull dozer would be appropriate. However, the super car is likely to be the vehicle of choice for blasting down a beautiful piece of road. For this reason, I often find myself conflicted, should I risk sounding rude or boring by explaining to the person how difficult the question is. Or, do I deal with the question easily by answering Lamborghini or Ferrari. I feel as though this is the answer they expect. This answer has an added benefit, it means the next 5 minutes don’t need to be spent awkwardly trying to explain why an obscure 80s hatchback is your favourite car.

Having said that, I should probably take my own advice and stop rambling. But, I’ve noticed that there is one car I can’t get out of my head. You could call it an unhealthy affliction; however, I think it’s a sign that I do have an answer to the question “What’s your favourite car?”

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Yes, that’s a picture of an ND MX5. And no, I didn’t upload it by accident. I guess it is now time for the awkward part. Let me explain to you why the fourth generation MX5 is my favourite car in the world. Firstly, I think that Mazda absolutely nailed the styling of this car. To my eyes, the generation prior to this never looked quite sure of itself, almost as if it lacked confidence in its ability to live up to the MX5 name. In contrast, the new model manages to fuse hints of the bloodline, with a purposeful, yet delicate fresh look.

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Next up, the performance. Its obvious that as dream cars go, the MX5 is quite a slow one, but I don’t think this is a problem. I know it’s boring, but I keep thinking back to the real world. The highest speed limit in my country is 70mph, so what use do I have for 5 million horse power? The MX5 has all the performance I’d ever need. Thanks to a recently announced facelift, the 2L SKYACTIV-G engine will soon produce just over 180hp, torque will also be increased by 5NM. This should enable the little Mazda to dash to 60 in less than 7 seconds. This level of performance is accessible, I’d have a great time thrashing it up to its raised 7500rpm red line. Judging by the videos I’ve seen online; the body roll I experienced in my Mk2 is still present in the new model. Whilst this may take an edge off the handling, it does mean the car will remain reasonably comfortable at slower speeds and over rougher surfaces.

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As with the exterior, I think Mazda have nailed the interior of MX5. You sit low and feel as though you’re in a proper little sports car. The stubby gear stick is positioned perfectly and ensures that changing gear is something to relish. An easy to operate manual roof, adds to the special car feeling. Despite being a lightweight roadster, there is just enough tech fitted to ensure I won’t feel as though I’m sat in the cheap seats. The Bose sound system which features speakers fitted into the headrest is a highlight. Now, whilst I’m on the subject of the interior, I should probably address the rather cramped elephant in the room. There can be no denying that the MX5 isn’t the most practical car in the world. It only has two seats and the boot isn’t what you’d call spacious. However, as its my favourite car, it only needs to fit my criteria, and because I’m a student, space isn’t an issue. I’m sure if I had two dogs, a more practical vehicle would take the title from the MX5.

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Simply put, the MX5 is a car that I could enjoy regardless of the journey. It’s small and easy enough to nip to the shops or hairdressers in, yet when the mood takes me, it could be the perfect country road companion. I’ll take one in red, with the soft top and fitted with the 2L engine, please.

Thanks for Reading! I look foward to seeing your favourites in the comments below. Be sure to check out my profile and follow me as I try to make my way into the automotive world.

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Comments (7)
  • Great article, having always had company cars and a huge frustration of not being able to pick something for fun rather than practicality, this year gave me the opportunity to do just that.

    My little RF 2ltr is just brilliant fun. 40mph feels like 60, 80mph feels like 110.

    It grips through the bends like duck tape to a hairy back and just has this subtly cool growl when you open her up.

    Apart from the fact I need to be a black belt in yoga to get to the drink bottle holder, I love my MX5 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and reasonably priced sports car.

    1 month ago
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    • Thanks for reading! Your RF looks brilliant, will you be getting the roof down much over winter?

      1 month ago
  • I like your pick. Personally I wish the Miata had a little closer to 220-250hp but I get why people like it. I think my favorite car is a Shelby gt350R. It just looks so good and man does the engine scream.

    4 months ago
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    • Hmm, maybe 200-220. I think anymore would be over kill in such a small car. Wow they look mean 😈 thanks for reading!

      4 months ago


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