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For some people that know and read my articles, I haven’t posted anything yet since July now. And for me, I owe you an explanation to what happened in the past three months. Why I haven’t posted for nearly four months now.


Before I took time off, not only DRIVETRIBE, I was also writing for F1 Paddock Pass. I had been a part of the F1PP team since May, everything was going really well and around the start of July. F1PP came with the news of their partnership with Mark Blundell.

I was excited like everyone, but without thinking, I posted on Twitter of a tweet kinda a fun joke welcoming Mark Blundell by posting his qualifying time of the 1995 British Grand Prix. F1PP told me to put the tweet down, and it was my first strike.

One week later Halo was confirmed by the FIA for the 2018 Formula One season, and like a lot of people, I was extremely mad by the decision. Thus sparked my unfortunate second major mistake in one week. I again let my frustration went on Twitter, and thus, my second and last strike - and I was out of F1PP.

Through those mistakes, I learned a lot of things, I regret my decision, I regret of not thinking clearly enough what to say, when to say. I’m still 18, still a brash young man. I was disappointed, but the thing is, without that kick in the nuts, I may not have learn from it.


After my exit from F1 Paddock Pass, I decided to take some time off and focus on my preparation to move to the United States for college. There was a lot of things going on around July. My US’s Visa, college payment, and I wanted to take a lot of times with my friends and families before saying goodbye at the end of August. Thus, my 8000 miles journey began.

It took me a few weeks to familiarize myself with the American culture, there are many things that I didn’t expect before even coming there.

United States is much different than what I know from my hometown Hanoi, and I’m in my second month of college now. It’s extremely hectic, but it is fun and rewarding at the same time. Taking journalism class really changes how I see in writing. I see that there are many changes to come in my writing, but it will take some time. That’s the area I will be focusing on a lot, especially with my grammar improvement and changes in paragraphs and sentences structure as well.


As I’m writing this, I have already planned for some articles in the next few weeks in advance focus on analysing drivers’ market, team performance, F1’s future and so on. I will be publishing my first article back next week.

And without a doubt, I will still pursuing my future to be a motorsport journalist, and with my experience of my two months in college. I will be focusing more on my writing and trying my best on improving through time.

And I wanted to sorry to my friends, especially the one that have been helping me in the past few months. I haven’t make any contact, put me away from you guys. But now I’m back, and I hope, it will be a new start, a new future to come.

Thank you for reading this.

Best regards

Robert Nguyen

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  • Time off is something which I fear and still do! Even at the age of 26, I don't have that guts to do...

      3 years ago
  • Good for you Rob and welcome back! I'm glad to hear your move has gone well and you're settling in in the US and enjoying college. I look forward to reading more of your work =)

      3 years ago